Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Review: ELF's Minty Lip Gloss

I have to say, I'm a fan of ELF cosmetics' Studio line. Yes, there are a few item that I particularly don't enjoy, but then there are also a bundle of items that I would purchase again without hesitation.  I do enjoy this product but it's not my absolute favorite item from this company.  A girl has to be honest, you know? 

  • $3 dollars
  • minty smell & taste
  • range of colors
  • sheer
  • minty taste

  • Sheer - light colors may not show up
  • small amount of product
  • very glittery - glitter haters beware!  
  • minty taste
  • sticky (avg stickiness)

As soon as you open this tube of gloss, the scent of mint fills the air.  Personally, I enjoy the refreshing and cooling scent, but I know not everyone is a fan.  Upon applied, your lips will shine, sparkle, smell and taste of mint.  Is this all too much?  Won't the smell warn everyone that you are approaching? I didn't really notice the smell lingering for too long on me.  One would have to be a close talker (yikes!), or invading your personal bubble in order to smell your refreshing minty lips.  

What about the disco ball lips? Rest assured your lips will not blind innocent bystanders, but they will be a bit noticeable.  That's not so bad unless glitter has offended you in the past and the mere sight of glitter makes your head explode.  Trust me, a little glitter in life, is a good thing.  

Sheer.  Yep, this gloss is a bit sheer.  If you are looking for some light but with a touch a color, this gloss is for you.  Now that I have sold my soul to this lip gloss, let's get on with the juicy stuff! 

Why is there so little product inside this tube?  I have never been able to finish one lipgloss, yet I have completely sucked the life out of this gloss.  Have I turned into a gloss fiend, or am I being deceived by visual trickery?  It's the latter.  The tube looks like it houses more product, than it really does. It's not the worse thing, but I would recommend that ELF consider different packaging for this gloss.  As your customer, I would prefer more product and less bulky plastic packaging.  Gimme more gloss!  

Overall, I would recommend this gloss.  It's worth to check out!  It's less than a drugstore gloss, and it has a strong but yet refreshing scent.  Keep in mind, it's glittery, sticky (avg gloss stickiness) smells and tastes like mint.  

*Note: I am not being paid nor sponsored by any company.  Only my sad little wallet pays for my makeup addictions*

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Contest pushed back

In case you are a lazy bum, I am giving you an extra week to enter comment/video contest.  Now get to work!  Deadline July 18, 2010.