Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Wild

Rabbits, candy and eggs, oh my! 

Growing up in the old world, Easter was never about rabbits or eggs, it was about...what you would expected it to be about!  Soon after moving to the US, I became enthralled with the promises of candy at every holiday.  Easter, was no different.  Even as an adult, I look forward to eating egg shaped chocolate, coloring eggs, doing egg hunts and don't even get me started on bunnies...
Fluffy is a cute buns with an attitude and she is the newest addition to my sister's home.  Fluffy used to like exploring the house, but now she has become bratty and will only leave her cage if you lure her with treats. 
Buns bread

Easter for me was filled with lots of food and dessert.  As a result, I ate too much and ended up feeling guilty for trying all of the sweets.  I decided to bake red velvet cake with chocolate pudding filling and decorate it with a fluffy butter cream frosting.  It was simply delicious.  

If there is one thing you must know about me, it's that I am clumsy and have awful luck.  After stressing 2 hours on baking and preparing the below cake, it fell apart on the drive to my Easter gathering.  You can see the left side collapsing.  :(  Don't you just hate when this happens?
Nonetheless, the cake was tasty.  

In celebration, I even painted my nails to look like Easter eggs.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day, full of food, laughter and good people!

Sunday's Best: April 24, 2011

Believe it or not, but I just finished watching Arrested Development for the very first time.  I have to agree with the masses and say that I absolutely love it.  The humor of the show is right up my alley, and the characters are insanely hilarious.  There is one character in particular that steals the show and that is Tobias Funke, the never-nude.

If you aren't familiar with the term never-nude, it's exactly as it sounds, one that is never nude.  On the show, Tobias is unable to be nude and has coped by wearing a denim cut off's as his birthday suit. Coincidentally a few weeks ago, I was referred to

Denim undies for men, or more commonly known as man jegging panties, see here.  What man doesn't want the comforting stretch and style of the jegging panties?  Be comfortable and in style, underneath it all.  The illusion of this pair of undies is the whole fun.  Putting these suckers on will be like camouflage, they'll won't be able to tell which pair is the real denim.  Plus, the ladies will love the challenge... :D

I'm not sure who would pay $61 for a pair of cut off jeggings, but yah know...if you're a never-nude, this may be more comfortable then the ol' Daisy Dukes! 

Now for the  best of Tobias Funke, the father of never-nudes.

 Tobias: "Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over- an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist."  More quotes here

This week, think of the man jegging panties and the $61 dollar price tag, and it will make you giggle.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Japanese Street Festival

One of the highlights of Spring in the surrounding DC area is the Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese street festival (a.k.a. Sakura Matsuri Festival).  This year was the first year that the festival had a $5 dollar entry fee.  Trust me, it was worth it! There was a lot of culture, music, food and fun to be had at the Japanese Street Festival.

I was fascinated with the wishing cherry blossom trees which were located near the entrance of the festival. They were quite curious looking.  For pink blossoms, they had marshmallows and as leaves they had hand written wishes on green paper.

In case you couldn't tell, I got a hooked on the wishing trees. I spent a few minutes reading a bunch of these. I felt like a voyeur reading into people's wishes.  I found some silly ones but I also found some pretty serious ones too. 

One of my favorite thing about the festival is seeing the folks in traditional Japanese clothing, cosplayers and the weirdos.
A fine example of a weirdo.  There's no rave here and it's 45 degrees, put a jacket on!

Now the best thing about any festival is fresh cotton candy. I <3 cotton candy.  This sign just about made me squeal.
My cotton candy came out odd (it looks like an upside down, sideways L), so I had to keep it in a bag

Overall, the festival was good.  There was delicious food, and I bought a cute bunny doll, which I will recreate in a blog post.  My sweet boyfriend also bought me my very own Yukata.  It's pink and full of girly flowery designs.  It came with a simple knot belt, but I may create a sash for it because it looks and plain.
Now you know my secret...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Dreary in betweens

"Time exists but just on your wrist, so don't panic"

Winter continues to linger, but Spring has teased us with it's summer air.  Now that I've felt the warm caress of the sun, I am more than ever wishing for Spring weather.  

I found my local park very dreary.  It almost seemed surreal how frozen in time it felt.  The park showed no signs of Spring, yet just across the road were blooming flowers.  It was puzzling.  Here I was, surrounded by nature, however the park showed no signs of rebirth, or life.  Overall, the park was depressing.  Did I mention while exploring the nature trails, I came upon a rabbit skull?  Originally I had photographed it, but then I felt I had disrespected the spirit of the animal, so I deleted the image.  Call me superstitious, but I don't need the ghost of a rabbit haunting me!
  It was eerie to find just one skull, and no other remains.   Spooky!

Awkward transition!

The ground at the park was still very soft and muddy from all the rain.  I ended up leaving the park with muddy boots whereas the boy left the park with muddy...everything!
 Forever 21 cardigan
New York & Co sequin tank
Forever 21 blue flower skirt
Target Grey suede slouchy boots
Target black tights
Plato's bracelet

creepy photos are the best

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunday's Best: April 9, 2011 - Wolf Shirt?


They're everywhere and the hipsters love them.

For those of you dying to pick up the wolf shirt in this picture, you can get it at Wal-Mart for less than $10! 


There is nothing more masculine nor hotter than the mystifying wolf shirt.  There is no other animal on this planet as cool as the wolf.  The wolf is the top dog, pun intended!

 While wearing a wolf shirt girls will know you are:

classy (wolves are timeless, you're the epitome of class!)
animal friendly (hello! You have a freaking wolf on your chest!)
environmentally friendly (duh, wolves are in nature)
intimidating to other dudes
team Jacob 

Plus, you'll show others that you're in style and hip.  Wolves are totally back in style.  Facebook has a group just for cool peeps wearing wolf shirts.  Don't believe me?  Just look at the amazon reviews, the shirt will practically pay for itself. 

In all honesty, I wish I could understand the attraction or need for the wolf shirt, but I sadly cannot!  Why a wolf?  Out of the thousands of animals, why the wolf?  More importantly, why are we glorifying the dedication and love to the wolf by wearing a plain ol' cotton tee?  Doesn't the wolf deserve a finer fabric?

Clothing manufactures have struck gold because the wolf shirt continues to sell time after time!  Wolves are to men, as kittens are to grandmas.  They just go together.

If you're considering a snappy wolf shirt check out, Threadless. They have some neat shirt designs, but they're too hipster and pricey, you gotta kick it old school and buy original designs.  That will show all the other hipsters, how awesome and original you really are!

 Thank you australian-native for your awesome shirts!

What are your thoughts on the wolf shirt?

*I do not own a wolf shirt, althoughI really want to!
I am not advertising, nor affiliated with any brand, company or item*

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3DS: So scary that I'm not recognizable!

I'm not sure if you guys heard, but the 3DS recently launched in the United States.  I know what you're thinking, didn't Nintendo just launch the DSi, or the XL DSi? You're absolutely correct.  However, this new DS is in 3D, hence the name! 

I wouldn't call this a feature, but the new 3DS has the ability to recognize a face and create a Mii based on a photograph.

Naturally, I tested this out.  Apparently, my face can be so frightening that I spooked the poor 3DS.  My scary face is unrecognizable! 


Thank you, 3DS for making me feel fugly and inadequate.  :D

Sunday's Best: Birthday Goodies

I'm a cheapo.  I love free stuff.  When I was younger, I looked forward to going to Costco just because I knew there would be a ton of samples!  I know, it's quite sad....but this is how I roll.

Now that I am older, I sign up for e-mail newsletter's from a bunch of stores/restaurants so I can utilize my birthday to get free crap.  It's almost worth putting up with the endless e-mails, almost!

This month I receive a few free items as well as some discounts on the following items:

Left to right
Too Faced Candlelight Shadow insurance, Stila Lillium convertible color, VS Beauty Rush Cupcake, VS Island Breeze Ocean Breeze and Pineapple, Bliss Fat Girl Slim, and Philosophy Vanilla BirthdayCake.

 I'm thrilled to have the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight.  I'm a huge fan of the original product, so when I found out TF made a shimmery version, my head nearly imploded. 

Candlelight gives boring eyeshadow a dewy glow that's not too terribly glittery.  I even like it alone, bare, without any eyeshadow.  

I also purchased lillium from Stilla.  I have been looking for a natural, peachy, and creamy blush. After seeing this blush I fell in love!  Did I mention that this is also convertible as a lippy?  SCORE!
Naturally, I managed to damage the blush the first day I bought it.  I though you would enjoy my misery.

With my $10 birthday card from Victoria's secret, I purchased Cupcake, which smells like a baked euphoria.  It's not am overwhelming scent of most cake inspired scents.  It's strikes a good balance.  I also had an additional $10 secret reward card, so I bought Ocean Breeze and Pineapple.  Let me tell you something...if you like tropical scents, this is for you!  It's like being in a pina colada whirlwind.  So tasty!

The last item, I purchased which I plan to review is:

Us, ladies are always looking for an easy way to lose weight, get rid of imperfections (i.e. love handles, cellulite, know the works!).  Fat Girl Slim, promises to tone my problem areas, as long as a rub this in twice a day.  I am very doubtful this will do anything...but like most girls, I am always looking for a miracle in a jar.  The product claims to show results in 60 days...I will let you know in two months if my problems areas look any better. 

My last Sunday's best are restaurants that offer free meals on your birthdays:

Noodles & Company
Red Robin

Hope you take advantage of your birthday rewards at various stores/restaurants!