Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Camera

Enjoy my messy vanity

I got a new camera!! Wee :D I've always wanted a nice, or nicer camera and finally I got one!!  My old digital camera still works but it is slowly dying.  I swear all my technological gadgets are dying around me.  

This is a sneak peak at my next makeup tutorial.  I wanted to throw this picture on my blog for a subscriber.  They asked me to do a look but unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it within the time frame they asked.  Blame my computer and poor lighting.  I tried to pull off a video today but the lighting was terrible, so I figured a sneak picture would be nice.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Parties

ya like the pose?

'Tis the season for fancy, shmancy holiday parties.  I'm a big fan of dressing up and sadly I may be the only one that gets excited over any type of party.  For my work holiday party, I bought a new red dress from Macy's.  It came with a bold black belt with lots of bling in the front.  It's a cute dress but the bottom of the skirt, is a bit too round. The holiday party took place at a hotel and there was lots of good food and dancing. 

I was very worried about interacting with my co-workers because I've only been working at my job for about a month.  We have over 80+ employees and I was very scared of messing up someone's name.  Luckily, I didn't.  Isn't it the worst when you forget someone's name, but they know yours?

Overall I had a good time, too bad I had to work the following day! 

poor deer

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Contest Entry: Jessie from Team Rocket

Image credit: Hizke (my bff)

Sherr Bear is celebrating her 300 subscribers.  In honor reaching this mark, she is holding a contest! Yay! The theme is favorite anime/cartoon.  I picked Jessie from Pokemon's Team Rocket because she has a very strong personality.  First of all, she's part of a failing "evil" organization.  Team Rocket are the nemesis of the show, but they never really do much.  All of their plots and scheme backfire.  Second, Jessie is bossy, vain, and is really the "brains" behind the Team Rocket duo.  Third, Jessie + James = love.  Overall, Team Rocket is the best! 


Sadly, I didn't have a great photo session.  So please excuse my poor photos and my misbehaving bangs.

Thank you Sherr Bear for this opportunity.  I enjoyed the theme and congrats on reaching and passing 300 subbies!

Product list:
Too Faced shadow Insurance

Nyx rust
Nyx white crystal
Nyx black
Nyx gunmetal
Elf liquid eyeliner pen
Lash Stiletto
Mac fun and games blush
Nyx Herades lipstick

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Wonderland

As promised here are some addition snowy photos.  This was taken the day after our huge snow storm.  I love how beautiful untouched snow looks.  Soft and smooth. 

It snowed a lot!  My area received around 12-14+ inches of snow.  The snow was relentless on Saturday.  No matter how hard you tried to clear a path, within minutes it would be gone.  As you can see above, we had to dig a path out of our patio. 

Our poor patio table was attacked with snow!  It almost looks like a cake :)

I think I'm done with snow.  In fact, I think I am done with winter.  Bring on Spring! 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

MTW's 3rd giveaway

MTW Designs is having her 3rd giveaway.  She is giving away this beautiful yet simple bracelet.  It is a 7" Gold Plated Chain and Heart Toggle Clasp with Swarovski Pearls in Pearl White.  She has lots of other beautiful pieces including, earrings and necklaces.  

All you have to do is be her blog follower and mention her giveaway in your blog/YT Channel.  Pretty easy, right?

Feel free to check her out

Holiday greeting from my friend April

I contacted April last week about exchanging holiday cards.  Little did we both know we were actually swapping holiday goodies!  We were both really sneaky and neglected to inform each other about the goodies.  hehe.  It's funny because we both did the same sneaky thing, and we both received our goodies on the same day! 

To my surprise April sent me a few items from her recent trip to Hawaii.  I'm so thankful and shocked that she remembered me!  I received Hawain teas, mints, paper soap and an adorable hula hello kitty nail file.  In addition, April was kind enough to send me a few added extras.  You can see them pictured above.  My most favorite thing that I received were handmade earrings from April.  They are soooo cute!  I appreciate and love anything handmade.  However, these earrings are totally my style. 

April is the sweetest girl on Youtube. I always look forward to watching her videos.  She makes various videos on beauty items, reviews, hauls and much more. I <3 April. 

Thank you for everything April, I truly appreciate the gifts and your friendship!

Please feel free to find April's blog and YT channel.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fluffy the Bunny!

This is so not my most-flatering photographs, but there's a cute Fluffy in how could I not share it with you?  Meet Fluffy, my sister's bunny.  Fluffy is the newest addition the her family.  They discovered Fluffy in their garage one day.  The dogs were able to track it, and Mark, my brother-in-law captured it.  My sister had no intention of keeping the bunny as a pet but when they tried to release it, Fluffy didn't leave.  She liked her new home too much to leave! 

 Fluffy was a wild bunny, so Mark had to work hard in order to "tame" her.  She's still not 100% tame, and I don't think she will ever be. However, now she's more social and friendly.  As you can see, she seems to be loving the attention. ^.^

I swear I'm going to be a crazy old woman with a bunch of cats and other little animals. 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Faced-Glamour Revolution

I absolutely adore Too Faced.  They have the cutest packaging and their items have made me happy for the most part.  I love that this brand is all about glamour.  Their new collection is to die for!  I had made a post about it before, and now I finally have it! 

If I could be defined in a makeup package...this would be it.  Everything is girly, pink, adorable, Marie Antoinette, and glamourous.  I love, love, LOVE it!

Upon opening this cute pallete, you see the above picture.  It comes with a removable, magnetic mirror.  Three business cards that are actually face charts for ideas.  A blush, bronzer and 3 lip glosses.  I have the "Decade of Glamour" palette from Too Faced and I must say, I really like the layout of this palette.  It's much easier to handle.  I like that the eyeshadows and lipglosses don't really mix.  I hate when some palettes are so close together that you get powder in your gloss. Gross!  

To access the eyeshadows you pull a tab on the side and whallaaah! Here are your gorgeous eyeshadows.  The shadows are a decent sizes and offer a pretty decent range in colors.  There's quite some neutrals and also a few bold shadows.  Yes, that sexy purple shadow is screaming my name!  I think it's important to mention that some of these shadows have been in previous palettes, it's a bit of a bummer but, oh well!

In addition to these cool shadows, there is a mini size of Shadow Insurance.  Yay! 

I haven't tested any of the products in this palette but I am beyond excited to try them out.  This palette is so pleasing to the eyes, offers some range in colors and comes with nice goody (shadow insurance).  Just opening and looking at the gorgeous packaging makes me feel like royalty. 

This palette is typically $39 dollars but I got mine for about $25 dollars.  I used my Sephora discount coupon ^o^  Woot woot for my bargain!

I am not affiliated with Too Faced nor Sephora.  I am also not paid to advertise for these companies.  Everything mentioned in this post is my honest opinion.  I purchased these items with my hard working money.  I work hard for my makeup addiction. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OPI Ulta Tiny Tinsels

Occasionally Ulta has these amazing OPI nail polish deals.  About a few weeks ago they had a 4 tiny nail polish set for $5 dollars! ^.^ hooray for good deals!! The nail polish bottles are extremely tiny but for $5 dollars it's a great bargain.  It's a good way to try out a few colors and to also explore OPI nail polishes.  Check this blog for pic of the bottles.

The set comes with:
Berried in Gifts - deep sparkly violet, it's closer to red than blue
Amethyst Twist - a berry sparkly red
Silver Belles - sparkly silver
Rapidry Top Coat - it's a top coat!

I know, I have 4 nails painted but there are only 3 different colors in the set.  My pinky nail is actualy painted with "OPI Ink" it's a deep blue purple.  It's very similar to Berried in Gifts but you can see the difference. 

Overall, I am slightly disappointed in this nail polish set.  I don't mind the sizes of the bottles but I do mind the quality of the nail polish.  Each color has waaaaay too much sparkle.  In my opinion all the sparkle makes the nail polish chip more easily.  The Rapidry top coat works at drying fast, but it fails at prevent chipping.  I'm also not entirely thrilled with these 3 colors from OPI.  This is a holiday set...and I really don't find anything about this set special.  Wait, I change my mind.  The price is the only special factor. 

I give it a 1.5/5.  There is nothing really unique about this product aside from the size and price.

Disclaimer: I Purchased this item with my own money.  This is my personal honest opinion.  I am not paid to write anything, I'm just a girl who enjoys blabbing about makeup.  Yah-know, good times. 

Emotional Vampires

A friend of mine is very spiritual. I don't consider myself very spiritual but I can relate and it makes a lot of sense to me.  Last week, she was talking to me about emotional vampires, haha.  This term still makes me giggle! 

An emotional vampire is:

No, they don't actually drain the blood from your neck (although you may have a stiff neck by the time you flee), but they do drain the joy from your life and remove any desire you have to spend any more time with them. No wonder you're dazed and confused. No wonder you don't feel good around them!
Emotional vampires do their best energetically to suck the life force right out of you (and everyone else)! Whether it's subconsciously or on purpose, these are the kinds of people who hunt for victims to energize them simply because they can't (or won't) tap into their own spiritual energy source for revitalization.

I totally agree that some people can be emotional vampires.  I'm certain just about everyone has encountered someone like this. It's not something that you pick up automatically, but it's something you start to notice. 

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let it snoooow

Look at the flurries!

For those of you that live in warm climates....look at what you are missing!  haha.  Yesterday, it snowed!  I live in Virginia, where it is humid and hot in the summer.  Our winters consist of cold weather and sometimes snow.  I guess we get the best from both worlds? Ew..not Hannah Montana. haha. 

Most people in this area make a HUUUUUGE deal when it snows.  It's not uncommon to snow.  I really don't understand the insanity and hype over snow.  It's also not like we get blizzards.  The last one we had was in 1996!  If you are unfortunate enough to be at a grocery store the day before an announced snow falling....boy, do I pity you.  People in this area, act like snow will keep you shut in your house for months.  It's so untrue! 

On a more random note...I had never seen snow until I was 8 years old. 

How old were you when you first saw snow?  If you have always seen it...well you're just too cool!

Xmas Soap

I recently made some holiday soap.  They look sooo cute and smell great too.  Please note the two-toned soap at the bottom.  I was able to achieve this super cute look with my soaps by using silicone cake molds.  I recently bought all these molds at Target and the Dollar Store.  They were very inexpensive and allowed me to create an adorable gift.  I'm so pleased!

I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New eyeshadow loves

Swatched on top of ELF's mineral eyeshadow primer 
 (Pegasus, Illusion, Big Ego, G. Kelley, Blacklisted, Hitchcock)

ZOMG! BFTE (or Beauty from the Earth) was having an awesome 30% off sale on black Friday.  Natually, I jumped at the chance.  I had previously bought some shadows from them and truly liked them.  So, why not get some more?  The sale was amazing! Not only was it 30% off but free shipping with $30 dollar orders and a free full size eyeshadow with each purchase!!!!!!

I was so excited I wanted my makeup, right there and then!  Luckily, the owner was super kind and mailed everything out super fast.  I opened my package like a makeup hungry little girl.   Once I saw my beautiful eyeshadows, I was in mineral shadow heaven. 

As you can see, the colors are gorgeous.  The first 3 shadows are part of the new holiday collection.  Pegasus was my free random shadow :D

I am head over heels for Blacklisted.  It's a beautiful blue-purple.  It's sparkley and not dark at all! I'm also very keen on Big Ego.  I'm a sucker for purples but it really reminds me of Grape which is also from BFTE. 

Hope these descriptions make sense:

Whimsey - (not pictured because of my stupidity) True, toasted golden amber color
Blacklisted - A mixed blue grape color with lighter blue sparkles
Big Ego - A dark grape hue, a blend of purple and crimson
Pegasus - A light olive green with a itsy bitsy blue tint
G.Kelley - Light tealish/olive greenish with golden reflects
Hitchcock - A light sparkly cinnamon with a reddish tone. 
Illusion - Beautiful dark teal with light blue/green reflects

P.S.  I just realized I forgot to include a shadow I purchased.  It fell from the baggie that held all my shadows....poor baby.  I totally neglected it!  Whimsey 

I am not affiliated with BFTE.  I was not paid to write this blog post, I do it out of my own free will.  Also, I purchased these items with my own money.  Everything mentioned was my honest thoughts and opinion.