Saturday, June 12, 2010

Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!

I went to a BSB Concert this week.  They were amazing.  I wasn't the biggest BSB fan back in the day...I was more into N'Sync.  None the less, they were great!  They put on a great and entertaining show. 

Back in the day, going to a BSB concert would've made you EPIC!

Which was your favorite boy band?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fell in love with the 80s

I am celebrating neon colors, men wearing tights, and hair spray.  Please join me in my YouTube and Blogger contest.  

There are 2 ways to win.  The easy way is to do your make up based off something from the 80's (i.e. I used Madonna as my inspiration).  It's okay, if you're new to makeup.  I am looking for creativity and that you had fun!

The lazy way to win is to submit a comment on my blogger.  However, you must follow the basic instructions I provided.

If you want to do a video and submit a comment, you can certainty do so, but please enter only once :)

Rules to enter:
You must be a YT Subscriber (I will check)
You must create a video - at least 1 minute minimum
Include an image as your inspiration
At least 3 photos of your makeup!

--Comment Rules--

You must be a YT Subscriber [include user name in comment]
You must follow my blog [include user name in comment]
You must answer my question

"What is your favorite thing/favorite movie from the 80's and why?"

Please enter only once, so it's fair.

So, what are your prizes?

Video Prizes:

Prize A

Prize B

and Comment Prize - selected randomly -

 If you choose not to follow the simple rules, it will jeopardize your chances of winning. 

Officially starts June 6 - July 10th 2010.

Best of luck and yes open to International :D