Friday, August 23, 2013

How I Became the Crazy Cat Lady

I'm pretty sure this is where it all goes down hill to kitty sweaters, and owning 20 cats.   

It all started with a plea from my local animal volunteer organization asking to foster kittens.  There are countless kill shelters in the country.  So, opening your home to a furry friend gives these innocent animals time, a temporary home (that isn't a cage), love and care. 

With that being said, meet Pinky!  Pinky came from a shelter in West Virginia, travelled to Maryland and eventually settled into my home in Virginia.  Quite a lot of miles for a little thing, huh?

I named this little bugger Pinky because she has 6 little toes on each paw.  She looks like she is wearing mittens. It's super cute!

 Pinky is a very pretty orange tabby.  She's roughly 2.5 months and maybe 2 pounds.  She is a ball of energy and quite the mischievous one.  Leave it to me to fall for the naughty bad cats.

She has really started to bond with one of cats.  Phoenix still believes he is small kitten so they play together.  The other cat, Cybele is not her biggest fan.  By that I mean she hisses but is always want to sniff her.  I don't get her.
The boyfriend and I are currently contemplating (or at least I am) about having Pinky join the cat family.  There are folks already interested in her but she is so unique and adorable that we may want to keep her!
Dilemma.  Dilemma.  I'm not sure what to do!
To be continued...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meet the Kittehs!

I realized the other day that I hardly post any kitty photos on my blog...much less mention the little terrors. That is truly odd because I must take at least one photo per day of their crazy cat shenanigans.

So, allow me to introduce the kitty party.

Cybele joined our home last December.  She was adopted from a local non-profit organization.  Cybele was born to a feral mom and lived her first few months as a feral baby.  She is a sweet girl but she is very skittish around strangers and my boyfriend.  I don't think she likes males very much...I don't know why. 
Her nicknames include: raccoon princess, Cyby, Linda (which mean pretty in Portuguese).
Cybele is a closet trouble maker.  She doesn't like to cause mischief when we are watching...but she is a little devil.  I'm on to you, Cybele.  I know about your ways!
Roo, is my boyfriend's 2 year old guinea pig.  She is loud, piggy, and full of attitude. 
Phoenix joined our home last July.  Jeff wanted a cat of his own so he adopted a cat that looked exactly and behaves like my little Spotty.  Phoenix is a social cat but he is a bully.  He loves terrorizing Cybele but he also loves to bathe her and cries if they are ever separated for a few minutes.  Phoenix also has a little fox toy that he drags and "loves" around the house.  He is a little cat exhibitionist with his fox.  It's weird and awkward. 
Seeing doubles?  Spotty and Phoenix look just a like. 
Phoenix's nicknames include: Phoene, Fifi, the rat, Lindo (Pretty in Portuguese :D)
One of the many bathing/fighting sessions between Phoenix and Cybele.
I hope you enjoyed meeting my furry companions.