Sunday, November 25, 2012

Girly Christmas Tree

The holiday season has officially kicked off.  I wish I could admit that it started with a better start but none the less, I am grateful for everyone and everything.  Since this is only my second Christmas at my condo, I haven't quite figured out my decorations or tree.  My poor Christmas tree is...fake!  Which doesn't bother me but it is also quite small.  My family is composed of various 6ft Christmas tree snobs so they often look down at my one little tree.

This year, I wanted to try something simple but yet girly...and kitten proof. 

I started out by making a pink ribbon bow (thanks to this YouTube video) which almost became a disaster.  Luckily, Jeff was able to plump it up and make it beautiful.

Not bad for a boy, right?

We hung up the lights on the crooked and sad tree.

Up top we tied the beautiful pink bow and draped the remaining ribbon on the tree.  We then added pink and silver garland and decorated with cute plastic ornaments.  I am crossing my fingers that the kitten doesn't attempt to attack/eat/sleep on it.
 Not bad, right?