Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When to pet a kitty

I enjoy The Oatmeal's comics.  I felt this one described my love/hate relationship with my cat.  I love my cat, but he, on the other hand is very moody.  This panel properly describes the abuse I receive from my cat.  I am that poor soul that gets her arm mauled by her cat...just because someone wanted a belly rub!

Click on the panel below to maximize it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

SkinCareRx: Friends & Family Coupon

Is it really Turkey day weekend?  You know what that's time to get ready for Black Friday shopping! 

Take advantage of the Friends & Family 25% coupon from SkincareRx.  Just be sure to enter the code below.

Friends and Family Coupon* Code: FF25
*Excludes some brands. Expires Dec. 1, 2010.

Check out Apothica & SkinCareRx this week for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.  While there stop by  SkinMedica page.  SkinMedica is a favorite amongst dermatologists; a brand that helps treat acne, wrinkles and dryness.

Also, be sure to stop by Apothica Facebook page & the SkinCareRx Facebook page for prizes!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Apothica Giveaway

There is no denying that the holiday season is great, but what I like about the commercial aspect of the holiday season are gift packs and collections. Smashbox has put out a Smashbox Holiday Wish sets. Apothica, an online boutique that caries premium brands in skin care, body care and cosmetics products, offers 5 different sets for every makeupholic out there.

Wish for the Perfect Pencils - $16

offers four limited edition signature Smashbox lip pencils

Wish for the Perfect Pout Kit - $29

a handful of Smashbox's best selling glosses.

Eye Wish Palette - $45
Your chance to try a various Smashbox eye shadows for only one price

Wish for the Perfect Primers - $39

Stubborn makeup not staying on? This kit offers a few favorite primers that will be your weapon against fading makeup!

Holiday 2010 Wish List - $49

For those that can't settle on one specific feature! This complete set let's you try a little bit of everything
Holiday kits make it easy and affordable to try premium brands at a comfortable price. Not only are these great for your wallet, but they make excellent gifts! Plus, they are in a convenient size idea for traveling and to keep in a makeup bag.

As an early gift from Apothica, I am hosting a giveaway for a $25 Apothica gift card! The giveaway officially runs from November 19 – December 19. Just follow the simple guidelines to be considered.

How do I enter?

There are various ways to enter. You can choose the method that you prefer best. I just ask that you leave me a comment below letting me know which method you choose.

For example, if you retweeted the giveaway, you should leave a link to your twitter account in the comment section.

• One entry for becoming a fan of Apothica on FaceBook

• One entry for following Apothica on Twitter

• Two entries if you retweet my giveaway

• Two entries to leave a comment about Apothica's Smahsbox selection

• Two entries for opting-in for Apothica's Newsletter (found at the bottom of the website)

• Seven entries for a blog post with a link directed Smashbox and Apothica

◦ if you choose to do blog post please make sure it's at least 100 words and links to Apothica's Smashbox page.


The winner will announced within 3 days of the closing of the giveaway and will receive an e-gift certificate over e-mail. If selected please be aware that I will need the following information from you.

• Name

• Phone Number

• Shipping Address

• Email

Giveaway runs from Nov. 19th - Dec. 19th

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent buys from ELF

Say what you must about Eyes Lips Face (ELF) but I enjoy their products.  I've had a few misses but overall I'm content.  I recently purchased some items primarily because I need some oil blotting sheets and they are $1 from ELF.  

My first purchase was the new Angled contour brush from the studio line ($3).  Holding it in person, it looks like a different brush.  I expected the brush to be more curved rather than a blunt angled edge.  

The stipple brush ($3) is also a new addition to ELF.  It looks like a good brush for targeting small areas of your face, this is ideal for highlighting.  

The last brush I purchased was the Angled blush brush ($5) which is also new!  This brush comes in slightly different packaging, it still features the clear plastic pouch, but there are floral designs on the front.  This brush is more "Eco-friendly" features a recycled ferrule and a bamboo handle.  The bristles are taklon but they feel softer than the studio line brushes. 

My favorite ELF product is the minty lip gloss ($3) it's affordable and has a refreshing taste and smell.  I've ordered 5 different shades of this product and have yet to be disappointed!  It's only a shame that there isn't more product in the tube.  In case you are curious I ordered the New York and Miami shades.

A girl always needs eyeliner, so I ordered the Shimmer Pencil ($1) in black.  I like that these pencils come with a built in sharpener but I wish these babies were longer!  

My first studio line blush in Fuschia Fusion ($3).  In case you can't tell by the image, this sucker is Shimmery!  Avoid if you hate shimmer/glitter!

Another new edition is the Makeup mist & set ($3) which guarantees to keep my makeup in place.  I am excited about trying this product and will be doing a review in the future.  

Lastly, I got 800 of these suckers.  I use them often because my forehead is like a pizza slice.  Graphic, I know!  I got a handful of these because my Target doesn't carry ELF products, so I stocked up! I swear I'm not that greasy! : P

Did I mention that shipping for my items was $.25?  I love cheap shipping.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Maize

Find Waldo, or random guy in the maze.

Last weekend I went to the corn maze.  For those of you that have never been to a corn maze at night, it is tons of fun and it's also slightly creepy.  Maybe I've watched too many scary movies but being surrounded by acres of corn, just creeps me out!  

There isn't any light, so in order to maneuver around the maze, you need to bring your own flashlight.  This totally adds to the creepy factor!  The experience of just walking around and getting lost is pretty fun, if you have good company!

I am so easily amused.  Flashlights + camera = hours of fun.

The above picture is the aerial landscape of the maze I was in! I don't know how they plan and create mazes but it blows my mind. I wonder how many days it takes to create this?

Totally unrelated but I cut my hair!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lost in Wonderland

Welcome to Wonderland, I'm seeing Redd.

I have never cared for Alice in Wonderland, but this year I have been obsessed with the character and the spin-off series.  The Looking Glass Wars is a great book that entertains the idea of Wonderland being a place of white imagination and black imagination.  It's a classic tale of good vs. evil.  The series features popular characters such as Alice, Redd, mad hatter, and the white rabbit.  Although the series is written for young adults, I had no problem enjoying the story!  
 I enjoyed the universe Frank Beddor created around a familiar story.  My favorite character was by far Hatter.  He was not exactly mad, but more of a killing machine.

Since Alice has been swimming around my mind this year I decide to be Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.  For those of you that don't know, I sewed my costume this year.  This is my second attempt at costumes and I have to say, I'm pretty happy and proud.  I don't care if it looks homemade, it won't shake the proud feeling that I put a few pieces of fabric and ruffle together and made a dress!

I love Halloween, but I'm not a big fan of the slutty porn star costumes.  I also don't understand why Halloween costumes are made out of the cheapest fabric but can cost so much! Although I chose a cheap fabric, cotton, at least it was good quality and didn't look cheap.

I do have to admit that I did receive some guidance from my manager aka my mother. I was under the impression that I was the only member of my personal swear shop, but I was wrong.  Apparently, I recruited a manager...and it wasn't me.  How sad is that, I'm not even the manager of my own sweat shop!  : P

Do you see the mummy?  This was the yummiest cheese.  I apologize for everyone that saw me eat about half of this thing.  It was addicting!
This cute little pig was actually made out of packaging tape and foam.  He was adorable!
Although my Halloween post is extremely late, I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 80's are alive and well

You thought you could escape the 80's but why would you want to?  It's the decade that feeds us bad fashion, mullets, great music, hairy chests, and angsty teen movies...Breakfast Club anyone?  
It may be a bit cliche for me to be so into the 80's, since most girls are really into 80's dress up parties, but I looove it.  You can literally throw on 8 different colored clothing items and you would fit the part. 

Last week I went to see a popular local 80's tribute band, The Legwarmers.  It was my first time seeing them and I have to say they rocked my world.  It was totally, wicked!  

It was non-stop hit after hit of rad music.  I danced and she-boped my heart out.  I think I had the most fun pointing out people dress like 80's icons.  That night I saw Prince, Teen Wolf and a guy from Run DMC.  

Even though my hatred for Teen beyond words, I was pretty darn excited to see him.  I mean, how often do you see a were-wolf basketball player?   Your face can't help but smile when you see his hideously hairy mug.  

Needless to say, I'm going to the next Legwarmer show!  Teen Wolf, beware!  I may not think you are so cute and clever next time!