Monday, November 30, 2009

Vampire Contest--my first!


My first makeup contest ever! woot-woot!  The theme is vampires.  It can be any vampire from a book, movie, tv show, song, anime, video game or photograph.  As long as it's a vampire, I'm happy.  I don't expect fangs, props or you looking like a ghost (unless you want to).  I am not looking for a step-by-step tutorial.  I just want you to show me a look based on your inspiration and you talk briefly about it.  It's not hard!

I don't think anyone on YT knows of my vampire obsession, but it dates back when I was wee girl. It started with my mom watching a vampire soap opera (lol yes that existed before Twilight) Since then I have always been fascinated with vampires.  I really got into them late middle school/early high school.  That is when I fell in love with Lestat. 

It's Lestat...the musical. I really wanted to see it.  Instead I just took this photo of the ad. So lame!!

-Be a subby
-Your video title has to include my username
-Be 18 or older (or have permission)


What I'm looking for:
- Your vampire inspiration (include in video or sidebar)
- 2 or 3 photos of your finish makeup look
- At least one minute of video explaining your inspiration, makeup, and anything else. 
- Creativity
- Please include a list of items used on the side or have a pic in your video. 


Will be chosen within a week of the contest ending.
 I will mail your prize within 1 week of announcing the winner.
Photos will be placed on my blog too :D

I just want you to have fun...everything should be easy to follow. 

I look forward to getting your videos.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things that make me lol

My friend Jeffy, linked me this webcomic that makes fun of the vampires of Twilight.  So...spoiler alert...

Check out the link this link for the comic. 

If the link doesn't work for, the date of the comic is Nov. 30 2008

P.s. I like vampires non-sparkley, thank you.

DIY Bath Salt

This is probably the worst photo...good thing I made the video. haha

As mentioned I got this idea originally from DulceCandy87's body salt scrub (and she got it from a Michael's book).  Since the holiday season has officially kicked off, I know most of us are really broke and would prefer some cheaper alternatives for gifts.  If that's the case, you might want to consider this DIY idea. 

I purchased everything at my local dollar store and all the items cost me less than $5 dollars.  If you were to buy bath salts at a store it would cost you anywhere from $2-7 dollars.  For this project you're paying $5 for all of the ingredients! You can make tons of batches for just $5 bucks.  Heck yeah! I love bargains. 

The project itself takes less than 5 minutes (depending how many you make).  It's also error proof.  If I can make it, you can make it.

 I don't have much else to say about it, I hope you consider it this idea for fun, for a gift or for whateva'. 

On a side note, I already put one of my baggies to use and it smelled very soft and comforting.  It's not a very strong scent.  It's perfect for those of you that don't like to smell like bath products.

Friday, November 27, 2009

FTC & New Rules

What is this madness with the FTC and having to list all sorts of information for EVERY product used.  This is such a chore for makeup gurus.  For the most part I use 3-6 products but that is alot of crap I need to explain.  With the case of two incidents, I have never been given free stuff.  The two incidents being I got soap from Ashley and I won a blogTv giveaway.  Aside from these two incidents, I have purchased ALL of my products. 

I wish people would just hand me stuff and I could keep it, but the world doesn't work that way.  Now, I need to define at all times that I purchased these products (again & again).  What a pain! I agree that it should be only done for reviews.  There is so much skepticism with reviews and it would be nice to know if the person is being paid to promote the product, or if they bought it.  In most cases, I don't think it changes the person's mind on whether they will buy the product, or the reviewer's opinions.

In any case, I will be putting up a disclaimer in my videos from now on. 

This also applies to blogs, so I'll have to do disclaimer for my blog as well. :(

Check out this video for more info. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey day is upon us! was.  I'm sure by now some of you are heading to bed to prepare for the infamous black Friday.  At this early hour some of you may be already hitting some shops.  Yikes, shopping at midnight.  That is so not for me!

I hope all of you find great deals for yourselves or friends and family.  Remember to be thankful for everything and to be extra nice to the retail employees.  Imagine having to be at work that early in the morning, and having to appear friendly and helpful.  I don't know about you guys, but I am not a morning person.  Even if I was, I would not be able to deal with people in masses.  So, try to make a difference and be nice to the employees! 

In light of the holiday, I decided to be inspired and wear a festive Autumn look. 

Do you like?  It reminds me of Autumn or a sunset.  

Trinkets I used to create the look:

-Glamour Doll Eyes Orange Crush
-Mark Tiki eyeshadow
-Mac Cranberry eyeshadow
-Mac Vanilla pigment
-ELF black eyeliner
-Maybeline Lash Stiletto
-Fake lashes

-Revlon Colorstay Foundation
-VS Jewels blush

-Nyx Orange soda lipstick
-Mac Sock Hop lipglass

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Glamour Doll Eyes

I'm probably the unluckiest girl ever, but I guess the Universe took pity on me.  It granted me a Glamour Doll Eyes Halloween set for free! weeeee!  I totally won this at a blogtv giveaway. 

I received: Urban Trash, Orange Crush, Monster Mash, and Killer Ego.

Urban Trash - matte black
Orange Crush - beautiful golden orange that shimmers
Monster Mash - fine milled glitter, bits of orange and green and blackish
Killer Ego - a matteish black with orange sparkles.

I've always wanted to try Glamour Doll Eyes, but my wallet has never agreed with me.  This giveaway suited both my makeup addiction and my sad wallet. Yay!!

If you are interested you can find GDE here

Monday, November 23, 2009

Follow up review: Kirkland brush set

After some heavy duty washing and some use, I think I'm finally ready to do a real review on these suckers.  These brushes are synthetic, anti-microbial brushes.  They have a white dye tip and are very soft.

Overall, I really enjoy these brushes.  I don't think they are the best thing since sliced bread but I don't think they are terrible.  I just think they are good.  Perfect for someone starting out.  This set is also perfect for someone that just needs brushes and isn't willing to spend a butt load of cash.  The quality is good and so is the price, what do you have to lose? 

-soft & good quality
-cheap price for set
-rubber handle is good for holding

-takes a bit too long to dry
-bristles change color and possibly stain easily
-brush handle too big to hold
-stinky smell when you first get them (maybe it's only my set)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ivy Valentine--SC3 Version

As much as I love Ivy in SC 3, it was hard to come up with an interesting makeup look based off SC3.  Her costume is pretty bland (the color) I've done Ivy drawing inspiration again, was hard!

While we are on the topic of Ivy and her costume...we might as well just get on with it.  Her boobs are INSANE! I know they are meant to be off-the-wall crazy, but...they are bigger than her head in SC4!  Not only are they bigger than her head, but they are being cut with a tiny ribbon of fabric.  I know this is suppose to appeal to men, but come on...there are plenty of other ways to do that without making a total mockery of breasts and Ivy herself.

Do you like the evolution?

found this on Flikr..can't remember where

I know, I just made you look at a video game character's boobs. Sorry, at least in this blog the content never gets old. haha. 

Don't ask.

What I used:
TF shadow insurance
Nyx eyeshadow stick white
Nyx ultra peal mania true pearl
Elf eyeshadow golden
Bare Minerals 1990's
Mac blush on a mission
Nyx lipstick B52
Revlon color stay liquid eyeliner black

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Job

I started a new job today.  I had a good first day.  I met many, many people, but I can only recall about 7 names in total.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.  I'm very content.  I was very worried and nervous because it's a "real" job.  I worried for nothing!

You know what this means right?  I will have less time to do YT videos.  I will do my best to devote time to my YT bebĂȘ, but you know...sometimes real life gets in the way. 

How is everyone else's week?  It's Monday.  Mondays are hard to overcome and I often have a love/hate relationship with Monday.  So if you're having a bad day, or even a good is a virtual hug. *HUG*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Wax Seal Craft

Samples of my labor

I love the look of old wax seals on letters, but the wax itself costs so much!  I decided to create a cheaper alternative that has the same aesthetic.  I use just hot glue, a stamp, and spray paint.  It's a very simple craft.  I'm simply in love with my creation.  I can't wait to mail out my holiday cards. Yay!

For my video tutorial please go here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Year's look--Contest Entry

I saw the above photo on Sephora's winter catalog and I about had a glitter heart attack.  This photograph is my love and dream. GLITTER! haha.  The moment I saw it, I knew I had to recreate it.  I decided to "copy" the look for a New Year's look contest.  I think it's perfect for New Year's.  It's festive, fun and no one will be able to say that you don't shine. 

It is so hard to photograph glitter...I am very disappointed in my photos.  Oh well...just imagine lots of glitter sitting on top of my eye. 

You know what was tons of fun? Removing all the eye makeup.  Glitter went everywhere! As Demetri Martin once said "Glitter is the craft herpes" can't get it off. 

Miss Antonia, I hope you know that I endure lots of pain in order to enter your contest.  I had glitter in my eye.  I almost died.  I deserve a makeup veteran medal "Glitter Storm Survivor." Nah, I'm just playing..

I used:
ELF mineral primer
Cosmetic glitter
Avon black satin gel eyeliner
ELF eyeliner
Fake lashes
Mac vanilla pigment
Mac on a mission blush
Nyx silver eyeliner
Nyx doll pink lipgloss
Nyx dolly pink lipliner

Monday, November 9, 2009


I had no clue that ponchos were making a come back.  I'm not a poncho girl, so I really don't care for them.  They look cute on most people but on just makes me look like a gypsy.  Plus, I like sleeves. 

What are your thoughts on Ponchos?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kirkland Brush Set

I found out about this brush set from Liz of LizberryMakeup.  I was blown away by the great price, plus Costco has decent I gave these brushes a shot.  I haven't used them yet because they still reek of chemicals.  I've deep cleaned them once...but that wasn't enough to remove the stinky scent.  I will do a follow-up review on these brushes, but for the time being...this is an introduction.

The brush set comes in a nice box that houses, a brush case, 8 full size brushes, a travel kit, and an eyelash curler.  For about $20 dollars, it's a sweet deal. 

Complete set in the box
You receive a Powder brush, flat top brush, angled foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush, eyeliner brush, smudge brush and 2 in 1 brush which is an angled brush on one end and a spoiley on the other end.

Sexy brushes outside of their box
The brushes are made of synthetic bristles and are also anti-microbial.  The brushes are treated with an anti-microbial formula that helps to prevent harmful bacteria & mold that collects on brushes.  Costco also claims that these brushes are cruelty-free.  In case anyone wants to know, the brush case is also faux leather. 

I placed the Kirkland Powder brush with some other powder brushes that I own, just to compare. 

Overall, the brushes are very soft and a great price.  I'm still in the process of removing the stinky smell so I can't offer a deeper review. 

Cherry Culture Haul--Nyx swatches

I love Nyx.  The price for their items is affordable and the products are great.  Here are some photos of recent items I purchased from Cherry Culture.  My favorite item by Nyx would have to be their round lipglosses.  The colors are amazing and the price is even better.  I'm slowly trying to collect all the round glosses.  I think I have 6 total. 

My fave from above is Doll Pink (Even if it smells weird)

Louisiana is the most gorgous pink.  I adore it.  This picture does not do it justice.

Ultra Peal Mania in True Purple.  So freakin' sexy.  <3

I love purples.

I really like Golden Amber.  It's dark but perfect for a neutral smokey look. 

Hope you enjoyed the swatches.  I am utterly in love with all my recently bought Nyx items. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Masculine Halloween?

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

This is meant to be funny (not offensive). 

"Keep your sons hands occupied so he can't clap or squeal"  lol

Life in Plastic

 It's fantastic!

I <3 Halloween, but this year...I wasn't in the mood.  October came and went.  I hardly had time to get excited.  I'm a bit upset that Halloween passed me by.  Oh well!  I'm not a fan of Halloween costumes from stores (they're so cheap--the material) so I just like to use what I currently own.  Trust me, I own a lot of stuff that could pass as a costume.  Mostly, weird accessories. 

This year I wanted to be Barbie, or Barbie's slightly darker haired sister.
No, I'm not Teresa.  Unfortunetly, my Halloween plans were cancelled due to Swine Flu.  Instead, I just gave out candy, carved pumpkins and went out for some Pei Wei.  I dressed up for this picture, but I removed my "costume" afterwards.  I felt silly.  No one would understand my version of Barbie and I didn't want to explain it. 

Here are some photos of past costumes:

My nephew Evan(Tigger) my sister Cristina (she was some crazy Zorro cat) and myself.

note the Portuguese flag on the side.

I love Fairies.  I had braces at this point. 

When I use to work with kids...We were spiders.

Can you spot me?

My sister asked me to do her makeup.  This year she wanted to be a vampire.  She borrowed the head piece and fangs from me.  As I said, I own a lot of...stuff. 

She looks good, right?  A little scarry. 

She asked me to make her a "happy" vampire...I don't believe there is such a thing.  Happy vampire.  Oxy moron?

I used the Revlon foundation on her.  Isn't that insanely pale?  That's my shade!  I contoured her cheeks using purple eyeshadow.  I also gave her a sexy smokey eye look.  She's wearing dramatic lashes with red rhinestones.  To top off the look, I used So Scarlette from Mac.  I <3 that shade.  I wish I could wear it more often.

My sister looked like a sexy vampire...even if she's kinda didn't want to photograph as one (I harassed her for a pic). 

Ashley's Soaps

Almond Honey Exfoliating bar, Almond Honey bar, and Fresh Scent soap bar
Holy Smokes Batman! It's soap! My friend Ashley on YouTube has decided to make soap from scratch. I'm very proud of her for taking on this task. I think it's so neat to know someone that makes their own soap. I've become a little obsessed with soaps so when Ashley sent me a few of her soaps to try out, I was thrilled. I like the comfort of knowing that a lot of time and love were devoted to my soap. It makes it personal and more special.

Ashley is new to this but If I didn't know that, I would've assumed she has been making soap for a while. All of the soaps came wrapped in stylish paper or tissue paper. They were wrapped twice! Once in wax paper and also wrapped once in the stylish paper. Ashley placed a lot of love into the wrappings of the soaps. She even included little tiny charms she made a cupcake and an ice cream cone.

The soaps vary in size but the smaller one is a good size soap to take into the shower. I fell in love with Almond Honey because it's a good blend of sweetness. The scent is very soft and not over powering. This perfect for the milk & honey scent addicts. I am one of those addicts :D

The other scent I received was Fresh Scent soap. This soap is ideal for people that hate fragrances or don't like to smell like soap. Although there is a tiny scent to this soap bar, it's so light that I STILL can't properly identify the scent. I would describe this scent as very light. I can almost smell a little bit of cucumber (but not really). Great for people that don't want to smell like a combination of scents.

Although Ashley is not selling her soaps at the moment, she is offering her services (you would just need to pay for a flat rate box). If you are interested in trying hand-made soap, check out Ashley. Ashley's YT Channel

Overall, the soaps smell great. My fave scent is the Almond Honey. I haven't had a chance to try to them out but I am looking forward to it. <3

Thank You, Ashley for being kind enough to send me some soap! I know it takes a lot of time and devotion and I'm very thankful for everything. I hope you sell these soon!