Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Game: Miles Edgeworth


Awwww yeahhh, boiiiii!  *Just turned into Flava Flav*

Phoenix Wright spin off Miles Edgeworth Investigations is out.  Hell yes, I have it.  It's not my lovely, Phoenix..but darn close.  I'm still on the first "training" case but it's so much better in game play.  More interaction and you can move! Wooh!  

For those of you thinking "what on earth..?" This is a Nintendo DS game.  Phoenix Wright is a character in the game series Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.  It's a very unique and fun game.  I will actually be doing a review...even though it's an old game (it was requested).

Anyone else in love with the Phoenix Games?

Country Trains

A few weeks ago, I visited my sister.  She lives out in the country, somewhere between Maryland/Virginia/and West Virginia.  It's...very different out there.  I live in suburbs USA so I can't imagine NOT living nearby a grocery store or a mall.  It would be torture!  My sister's town is very quiet, but less than 7 minutes away is a train station.  At night, I can actually hear the train from her house.  Spooky! 

Enjoy my photos!  

Yes, that train eventually left!  It was loud, exciting and a bit scary. outfit is very mish-mash but whatever.  I was in the country!  As Britney Spears would say "I'm con-tray!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In case I didn't get enough

                                    This squirrel was trying to get to another tree.  Poor thing the snow fall was 3x-4x his height.

I'm sure those of you that live in the northern east coast are all giving me the stink eye...I know, no more snow! We've all had enough snow for 10 years!  For you lucky girls that live in warmer climates....count your lucky stars!  I miss warm weather, dresses, and ice cream.  *sigh* The evil ground creature predicted a few more weeks of winter, so I have a long road of wintry fun.  

 I live in Virginia and we received around 20-30 inches of snow.  Then it snowed again...and again.  I'm not sure what the accumulated amount of snow was...but it was definitely...good times.   

Please enjoy my virtual wintry photos.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's letter Seal

This is for all the ladies that were curious about my Holiday wax seal craft.  It's a bit late but I already had a video on it!  Feel free to subscribe to me on Youtube, so you don't miss my craft tutorials! 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hanging Valentine's Day Decoration

 For those of you crafters that follow the craft guru, Martha Stewart, this craft may appear familiar.  I was inspired by one of the craft ideas in her magazine.  Wow, could I make myself sound any dorkier?  Oh well, I'm not ashamed of my crafty nor my dorky side!  I wouldn't say I'm proud...but I'm not ashamed!  

This Valentine's decoration is s-i-m-p-l-e and super adorable.  I will be reusing these Valentine's decorations for my birthday.  Not only is it simple and cute but reasonably cheap to make too.  Did I mention it was simple? :P 

Styrofoam ball (small-medium size)
Cupcake paper tins 
Hot glue & gluesticks
String & scissors (optional)

I estimate a total of $5-7 dollars, which seems like a lot for one craft...but if you buy things in bulk it may actually make a few decorations!  



PLEASE DISREGARD THE PAPERCLIP!  My Styrofoam ball was extremely the paperclip refused to stay in place.  If you purchase a more regular(but not as smooth) Styrofoam ball the paperclip should hold in place! 

  • Apply a small amount of hot glue on the Styrofoam ball.  
  • Next cover the hot glue with the cupcake paper tins.  Repeat the process for the following cupcake paper tin.  Make sure you apply the cupcake paper tin close together. 
  • After covering the entire ball with the paper cupcake should look like this...

 Doesn't it look lovely?
  • Success!  The hard part is over...the craft is pretty much done, unless you want to hang it.
  • To hang, hole punch the sides of the paper tins together and lace them with a simple knot (can also try the paperclip method...or your own method) These balls will hang easily without ripping because they are so light!
Please feel free to view my video demonstration if you have any questions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yuna/My Valentine's look

Who on earth is Yuna?! Good question, I wish I had played Final Fantasy, so I could better answer your question.  FF is a big deal and it has hundreds of loyal followers, so maybe one of you could explain what is happening in this image.  It seems like some weird bow-chicka-wow-ow scene.  What ever it is, I'm liking it :P 

This was a requested look, I don't just randomly pick characters I'm not familiar with.  For this look I drew inspiration from the costume's colors.  Everything about Yuna seemed natural, light, airy and flirty.  Due to the lovely mesh of colors, this is also a pretty eye look for Valentine's day.  Two birds, one stone! haha. 

Even if you don't like video games...or understand why I create makeup tutorials based off fictional can still enjoy this look! It's such a fun, light and pretty look.  It's bright without being too in your face.  If you are interested in how I achieved the look...please refer to my YouTube channel.


The flash washed out some of the color

I created this light and fun makeup look using:
  • NYX milk eyeshadow base
  • the 88 shimme palette(dusty pink, darker pink, hot purple, white and blue color shadows)
  • Revlon liquid eyeliner pen
  • Wet-n-wild eyeliner pencil
  • Rimmel glam eyes mascara
  • Maybeline original rose blush
  • NYX tea rose lipstick

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Prep

 My yummy Valentine's sugar cookies (I'm not a big fan of icing!)

Am I the only person under the age of 30 that gets mega excited with holidays?  I absolutely adore decorations, baking and anything cute.  Every holiday is a great opportunity to get excited.  I know some people hate "fake holidays" meaning over hyped, commercial holidays (I too hate the big hype) but it allows me to express my creativity and make cute things.  

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate.  Personally, I don't really care for the holiday but I love all the pink & red, the hearts, and the cuteness.  So even though I have no significant other or any romantic plans, I can still enjoy the holiday! I hope all of you enjoy the cuteness this month even if you may be single.  There's nothing wrong with being single!

Do you like my heart theme nails?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nivea Creme Review

For those of you not familiar with this lotion, Nivea Creme is the pure white thick lotion that is packaged in a dark blue tin container.  This lotion is more a creme (hence the "creme" on the package) or a body butter.  It's a heavy duty, thick, moisturizing lotion that aims to make your skin silky soft.

I would not consider this my everyday lotion year round, but it is definitely ideal for the winter time.  It applies thick, so you only need a bit for most areas.  This creme is ideal for rough areas such as knees, elbows, feet, hands.  Personally, I enjoy using it around bed time so I awake with soft skin. 

You can purchase Nivea at any drugstore.  Prices ranges from $1-8 dollars.  I would recommend starting with the small tin size that costs around $1 to try out.  Honestly, I enjoy this Nivea Creme but find it much more useful in the winter time than any other season.  Luckily, Nivea has other product lines so that you are not stuck with this lotion all year round.  I've tried their Nivea Soft line and found it extremely soft and moisturizing but definitely less thick!

  • simple packaging
  • inexpensive
  • light scent
  • extremely moisturizing
  • tin package allows contamination
  • left over "lotion feeling"
  • does not automatically sink into skin

*As usual, I purchased this lotion with my own money!*