Saturday, July 28, 2012

Space Saver: Ikea Scarf Hanger

On my recent trip to Ikea I purchased the multi-use hanger aka a scarf hanger.  In the past my scarves were either tossed into a bin together or hung on a wire hanger together.  My previous storage methods were untidy, disorganized and made it difficult to see my scarves.

The multi-use hanger is pretty affordable and offers plenty of storage.  As it claims, it is a hanger.  The hanger is made up of wrapped metal circles.  The wrapped circles are tightly wrapped to protect your delicate scarves.  Below is a closer snap shot.

The pros so far appear to be the convenience of stashing all your scarves in one place, plus you can hang the hanger in your closet.  In addition, the product itself was fairly affordable.  So far, no cons.  I just wonder if the hanger will continue to hold strong with time.  At this time, the hanger appears to be sturdy enough to hold the scarves pictured below plus more. 

If you are looking to organize your scarves or anything else that can fit into this odd shaped hanger, look no further.  Ikea is selling the multi-use hanger for $7.99.  Happy shopping and organizing!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guild Wars: Goal Completed

Ever since I started playing Guild Wars (GW) which was years ago...I have wanted the obsidian armor for my Mesmer. Now, for those of you too cool to play the game. It is one of the most expensive armors to obtain because it requires you to collect lots of in game gold, and large amounts of crafting materials that are also expensive (ectos & obsidian shards). With help from my guild members and lots of in game yard sales, I have finally obtained my obsidian armor. I never thought I would actually obtain it...because in game I am so poor! Plus, I die a lot and I am quite useless.

Last week, a few guild members and I travelled to Fissures of Woe and three of us obtained our first ever obsidian armor set! 

Look at all that sexy obsidian armor

I was so pumped I took a few screen shots of my new armor

Isn't it sexy armor?

I am pretty darn surprise I was able to obtain it!  Luckily, I did it all within my mad dash for 30 Hall of Monument points in preparation for Guild Wars 2.  Now, I am focusing on obtaining 50 HOM points before August 28, 2012.   I have a feeling I am not going to be able to make it within such a tight deadline...but this Mesmer can hope!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

 Can I just confess that I am not a huge chocolate chip cookie fan?  I know. It's a total shock, but when I stumbled across a friend's chocolate chip cookie recipe that claimed it was best...I just had to try it myself. As mentioned, I am not a huge chocolate chip cookie fan and I am having a hard time not eating the entire batch.

As the title claims, it simply is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I loved it.   The recipe is located on her blog.  I liked that Houdah included a few options for a "healthier" alternative.  I made my batch of cookies with Domino Light, which is a variation of sugar/splenda.  I was out of apple I had to use eggs.  Regardless of how you wish to make your batch, I am certain it will taste delicious.

Go check out the recipe and try it for yourself!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Belated Fourth!

Happy Belated Fourth of July!

This year, I attended my town's firework display and can I just say that I was a wee bit disappointed?  First of all traffic was miserable.  I live 5 mins down the street and it took 30 minutes to get to the park.  The firework time was also a total lie.  It was announced that the fireworks were to start at 9:30, however they started at 9pm!  Needless to say, I missed a good chunk of the display.  Lastly, I don't enjoy seeing the fireworks near the cemetery.  Just a bit creepy, yah know? 
Despite all that, I did manage to snap a few shots and enjoy myself.  However, I found it amusing that folks literally stood in front of us. Everyone else was sitting behind them on the grass.  Is it too much to ask to sit down?  I understand you are on the sidewalk but it's hard to see!  I got bored so I snapped a shot of the rude folks.  It wouldn't have been so bad...if 10 other people hadn't joined the party. 
Down in front!
 Oh the holidays, it just brings out the best in everyone!  After the firework display, everyone was walking in the middle of the street.  However, some folks started to pull out from their parking spots and start driving into a mob of people.  I kid you not, one guy got so mad he literally knocked viciously with his fist on one of the cars.  I know we are all busy and have places to go...but really?  You can't wait 10 minutes for everyone to clear the streets?  Mind you, the streets were blocked if you parked there that's your fault.

So I think I have learned a lesson today.  People go nuts during holidays.  Avoid walking and driving in the middle of the street after a major public event.  Stay home or go to a more civilized side of Northern Virginia.  The end.  Happy Fourth!

 Now that I am thinking...there was a reddish moon out.  Maybe that's why everyone was in such a sour mood.