Sunday, December 26, 2010

Apothica Giveaway: Winner

Woohoo! Winners!  I want to thank all of you that entered, I had a combined total of 34 eligible entries!  I also want to thank Apothica for being kind enough to sponsor the giveaway.  To remind you, the winner will be receiving a $25 e-gift certificate via e-mail which is good on all products on Apothica's website.

The winner was randomly selected to be fair, and comment #2 belonged to Orlica!!Congrats, girl!  Please e-mail me your information (vintagelex at hotmail dot com) as soon as possible.

I wish we could all be winners, but you know how it goes!  Stay tuned for future giveaways!

Ulta Haul: Smashbox & OPI

Sometimes I feel Confessions of the Shopaholic is loosely based on my life.  Friends, I've been so good at not shopping 'til I drop, but recently I have fallen off the wagon.  It all started when I walked into Ulta.  I must enjoy torturing myself otherwise, I would not have gone into that store, but I had a 20% off coupon!  I just had to use it!  It would go to waste, so why not use it?  Talking myself into purchases is a piece of cake!

I caught my eyes on the Smashbox Burlesque box kit.  I liked that it featured full size products for a moderate price ($35) plus the eyeshadow colors were cute.  
The kit came with:
Limitless liquid eyeliner pen in jet black
Shadow & liner quad in risque
Loose shimmer in burlesque
Double ended lip gloss in peep/show  

My favorite item from the kit  is the double ended lip gloss, the red is pretty sheer and looks more cherry than anything! Loooove it!

I also purchased my favorite concealer which is Smashbox's High Definition Liquid Concealer in fair/light ($18). 

Luckily, all Smashbox purchases came with this handy Smashbox travel brush set.  The set includes a flat eyeliner brush, crease and a regular eye brush.  What I love most about the travel set is that it's a regular size.  It isn't tiny!  The cute golden clutch is also ideal for traveling with makeup brushes, it keeps them safe from getting all mangled and destroyed. 

I looooove mini OPI sets. As a glitter addict I knew I had to own this set. 

The 3 polishes from left to right are: Plum full of cheer, gift of gold, and all the berry best.  It also came with a rapid dry top coat

My favorite polish was the gold glittery one called Gift of Gold.  It looks super cute but the downfall is that it is extremely chunky.  This unfortunately makes your polish chip easily, even with a top coat!

This concludes my latest shopping confession!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Life without a cat

 If you have cats..this comic by Cat Versus Human should speak to you.
I love her comics about cats.  She often pokes fun at the border line between liking cats a lot, and becoming the cat lady.  I only have one cat but there is nothing wrong with finding everything about cats adorable.  Society puts cat ladies in such a negative light!  Instead, we should honor their charity and adoration for felines.  So what if their house smells like kitty litter? At least they have plenty of friends, plenty of furry friends :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glitter Tree Holiday Decoration

Hello my holiday crafters.  It's been a long time since I've posted a craft!  Worry not, this season I bring you a cheap and e-a-s-y project.  As usual this craft is affordable, easy and not very time consuming.  

Items you need:
Foam cone shape 
Glue or Mod Podge

If you're on a budget, you can obtain all of your supplies at the Dollar Tree, an estimated total of this craft is $4 (I told you it was cheap!)  

Lucky for you, I made a video!  It's a self-explanatory craft, but just in case you want to hear my wonderful is the video!

This craft is ideal for the holiday season.  It adds a bit of sparkle to any area.  I plan to bring these cones in to my office to add holiday cheer.  This craft is also great for kids because it is so simple.  Any kid will be able to follow the steps and come up with a great finished project.  Plus, what kid doesn't like sprinkling glitter and making a mess? 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My first "Hard Candy"

Ever since Hard Candy, the cosmetic brand, became available at Walmart I have wanted to try it for myself.  Unfortunately my local store does not carry it so I had to go to a completely different state to get my hands on this brand.  I know what you're thinking, wow...she drove to a different state just for makeup? No, I just happened to see it while I was out of town.  I'm not that bad!  

I purchased 2 items from the Hard Candy line.  The First Crush  mini set ($8) which includes all of the above minus the black eyeliner.  The set came with a baked blush, a foundation primer, a highlighter and a plumping gloss. 

 I also purchased Walk the Line black eyeliner ($8).  Which has a thin brush applicator.

I found the mini set to be a decent price, however everything else at the store was outrageously expensive for a drugstore brand!  The packaging is plastic but the brand does incorporate some cute designs on the actual product.  As I had heard before, the packaging for Hard Candy is really cheap, and I felt this was the case on the blush.  It is made out of the cheapest quality of plastic.  Do you remember the first set of "pretend" makeup you received as  a young girl?  Remember that cheap feeling plastic that cracked the first time you dropped it?  That is what the Hard Candy blush feels like!  I know my blush is the mini version, but I did hold the full size and it was the same quality plastic!

I plan to do a review on these products, but this post is to share my recent shopping treasures!

If you've tried the brand let me know what you think!