Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recent finds from Forever 21

Raise your hand if you are guilty of online "window" shopping!  I know I'm not the only girl online that has a bill over $100 dollars at one of her favorite online retailers.  Half the time, I never end up placing an actual order but it's almost addicting online "window" shopping.  It's sad, but I want to say, I enjoy it.

So here I was, stalking Forever 21 dot com, because the actual store never has what I can find online.  My cart was pretty full, but I decided to reward myself.  This time I had actually placed an order. Hooray! 

I spent 98% of the summer wearing dresses.  Winter makes it too painful to wear dresses, but if I find if I wear heavy tights (Walmart has a good selection of thick ones for cheap) they help me stay toasty.  This dress will look great with a belt and brown boots. 

These tights are amazing.  They will probably last 5 minutes on me before I find a run, but I'm excited nonetheless!

Puffy sleeves seem to be in this season.  <3 Puffy shoulders.

Cozy sweater, a must!  Gray is a neutral so will match everything in my wardrobe.

Did I mention the obsession with the puffy sleeves? I got an extra in baby blue. 

I have been on the search for cute, sparkly flats for an affordable price. I do a lot of walking at work, so I need some thing cute & comfy. These are perfect!

Does anyone else have a slightly unusual addiction to online "window" shopping, or am I the only freak?

Monday, September 27, 2010


Words can't describe my excitement when I found out Blondie was coming to town.  Blondie aka Deborah Harry is an icon and a legend.  I just had to see them in person!  A few weeks back, I got my chance.  The show was amazing, but what else did I expect?  Blondie + live show = amazing.  Always.  Even though she's old enough to be a grandma, she was still stunning!  I was quite memorized if I do say so.   
The venue was small which I like, but often these little venues have annoying camera policies.  Such was the case for the Blondie show.  I was upset I couldn't bring my actual camera inside but I did manage to get beautiful blurry photos.  Yes, blurry photos.  All thanks to the venue.
 Oh well, at least I got to see and hear Blondie.  Twas Epic.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ding Ding--we have a winner!

Wow, did she really take 9 years to find a winner for this silly little contest she had? 

I don't have an excuse.  I've been a very naughty blogger, but I promise to improve!  Now on to the good stuff.  Winners!  For those of you confused, I had a small contest a few months back.  The theme was '80s inspired.  I had a good time preparing for the contest, but sadly I didn't receive much enthusiasm in return.  I expected to get a few more entries since you know, I'm giving things away for free!  But, maybe free things aren't what peeps are into these days?  Weird.  I'm a free-fiend, so I'm always interested in anything that gives me things without a catch.  

I do want to thank everyone that entered.  I appreciate your time, effort and support.  Thank you lovelies, I wish I could send you all items, but that would make my wallet cry!  

Congrats to the ladies below, I appreciate your creativity, time and support! 

Video winners:


Randomly selected comment winner:

If you are interested in what these ladies won, check out this blog post here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Adieu, L'ete

C'est terrible! Summer is leaving us!  Yet, I'm still thinking it's only June!  It's a real shame.  Although Summer was horribly hot and humid, it still was enjoyable.  How can you not enjoy summer?  It brings beautiful airy dresses, splashing, fireworks and the beach.  

As a good-bye celebration to Summer.  I had a water balloon fight with a good friend.  It's hilarious that most of the water balloons did not pop when they collided with our bodies.  Instead, they pegged us and bounced off.  It was a wee bit painful.  Who knew, I could make water balloons dangerous?

Good bye, Summer.  Tu me manques.  I miss you!