Saturday, January 30, 2010

Skin MD Natural

I recently entered and won Whitney's giveaway.  I was very surprised and pleased to win!  I'm very happy to have received this lotion because this product claims to be best for dry skin.  I don't know about the rest of you...but my hands always also dry in the winter.  I hope to share this lotion with my father who suffers from psoriasis.  It will definitely help moisturize patches of skin that suffer from psoriasis. 

Feel free to visit their website if you would like more information on the product and the uses for it. 

Thank you Whitney for the giveaway, and also Skin MD Natural!

*I won this item through a giveaway, I am not affiliated with any person/companies mentioned above.*

Friday, January 29, 2010

Help Sherr Bear

If you are an animal lover, you can def. sympathize.  My friend Sherr Bear's puppy Koji, is in the need of surgery.  If you have ever had a sick or injured pet, you know watching them in pain is unbearable.  I can't imagine what Sherr is going through, I wish her the best, and hope she is able to raise enough money for her poor baby puppy.  

If you are interested in helping you may contact Sherr directly or Alice.  Alice is donating All the money from her jewelry ( minus cost of materials) towards Koji's operation.

Her video dedicated to Koji:
Her YT channel (alicechan9):
Her Jewelry page/blogger (Yours-Truly-Range):

Her YT channel (peachqt)

Winner--1st blog giveaway!

 I'm super pleased with the results for my first give away.  Don't freak out, if you didn't win this time...there will always be a next time (hint hint).  

If you are interested...I did not pick my winner randomly.  I'm aiming to reward viewers that are interested in my videos and not just free stuff.  If  you watch/follow my blog and on occasion leave me comment, you're set. 

Congrats killapinkzz you are my first winner!  Thank you for being a loyal viewer and subscriber.  I hope to mail your goodies within a week.  Please message me on YouTube or on AIM with your information.  

*If you do not like how I run my giveaways...well I'm not forcing you to participate. :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mac Summer Collection

Holy Smokes! This is going to be a huge hit.  I want everything!  I'm a sucker for nautical, and I know I will be getting that seahorse powder for sure! I cannot wait! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Snooze---First Blog Giveaway!

 Pink nail polish is much more vibrant, excuse my "no flash"

Please join me in celebrating my first blog give away! YAY!  I will be giving away an OPI nail polish set (Topcoat & "Shorts Story") in a metallic case, Deja Vu dead sea minerals green tea body lotion, Deja Vu nail file and an L.A. Colors lipgloss in "Just Kissed."


 Rules for this giveaway:
1. Must be a YouTube subbie
2. Must be Blog follower
3.  Please leave 1 comment telling me your:
  • Name
  • Where you are from
  • Fav. nail polish's name & brand

This giveaway will end in 2 full days, Thursday, January 28th at 11:59 pm EST.

The winner will be announced on my blog.

Good Luck!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 10 Pan Update

Whatever happened to Project 10 Pan? Well, when it comes to any form of dieting..I quickly find myself straying. Fast forward a few months and I find myself shopping for new make up. Where did I go wrong?

For starters, I chose some crappy products.  Then Project 10 pan started to feel like a chore.  I felt like I was being confined to only a few products, so that I could finish them sooner.  So, I gave up.  I know this is quite silly, but that's how I roll.  

I do want to finish a few products, but I will no longer place myself on Project 10 pan.  It's just torture.  I don't enjoy to limit myself, but I will strive to incorporate the selected items into my everyday routine.  That won't be too hard :D


For the future, I hope to finish the VS blush, my mascara and the Red Door perfume. That's should be easy.  

Has anyone else ever placed themselves on a "makeup diet?"

Sunday, January 17, 2010


This is a rather meaningless post.  Spotty is my 10 year old cat.  He is such a thug and an original gangsta'.  This cat has been through...everything.  All sorts of mischief, pain and adventures.  Even though he has health problems, and is a mature cat...he will not think twice about kicking some kitty tail.  It wasn't too long ago I had to go break up a kitty fight outside.  On a side note: Breaking up a cat a scary and a noisy deed!  

I love him even if he always acts like I starve him, or bites and kicks me out of blue.  I even don't mind that he always finds a way to destroy the most important paper on the floor, it's like he knows! I know deep down, that's his way of showing his kitty love.  <3

Please check out this link, it will take 1 minute out of your life. By doing so, you are helping to feed animals.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ashley's Lip Balms

I'm totally a fan of Ashley.  She makes wonderful soap and amazing lip balms.  I bought the original lip balm in the round packaging.  I adore this lip balm.  It's not sticky, thick or greasy.  It feels extremely moisturizing and soothing.  It's perfect for the winter months when lips are at their worst; dry and chapped.   I have been using this product for months on an everyday basis.  It has replaced my original chap-stick and I can honestly say, I love it and would recommend it to everyone. 

Now Ashley is selling new lip balms in a stick version. I have not had a chance to purchase it, but will include this in a future order.  Some ingredients in this lip balm include: coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and cocoa butter.  Ashley has stressed that she takes pride in her products and is not ordering the cheap ingredients.  She has also mentioned that the beeswax she utilizes is gathered from her aunt's bee farm! Isn't that so cool? 

I would like to stress the fact that when purchasing from 1 central seller.  Not only are you supporting small businesses and individuals, but rest assured that your products produced with much more care and love. Most people look prices of small companies/individuals and freak.  I totally understand, but you are supporting a small business and causing it to thrive.  Also take into consideration that these ingredients are expensive and thus contribute to the cost of the product.   

 If you are interested hop on over to:

* I am not paid to advertise for Ashely.  All opinions stressed in this blog are honest and my own.*

Note: I am not selling you any service, I am just passionate about supporting small businesses and individuals.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Before anyone says it, I'm aware my hair and my makeup are not identical to Lulu's.  If they were...that would be magical and super cool.  However, I am not a video game character can not achieve this type of perfection.

I created this look because it was requested and I found it pretty.  It's a light purple smokey eye look.  I decided to alter the lipstick and make it more purpley/berry instead of a darker color.  It would totally look weird on me and it would ruin the pretty eye makeup.

I've never played Final Fantasy--so I have no clue which FF game Lulu is from!


I used:
-Mac crystal
-Mac tophat
-Mac vellum
-Annabelle  purple reine
-Nyx milk jumbo eyeshadow
-Elf black eyeliner
-Maybelline lash stiletto mascara
-Rimmel heavenly lipstick
-VS Heidi Klum Blush in jewels

*I am not paid to advertise any of the above mentioned companies.  I paid for everything as usual*

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ornamental Wreath

 We don't have a big hook on the door to hang the wreath, please disregard my sister's hand

I loved creating this craft so much, that I don't even mind I'm one holiday too late.  I got the idea while stumbling upon a craft blog. It was so beautiful and easy, that I couldn't pass it up! 

All you need for this craft:
-wire clothes hanger
-plastic/glass ornaments
-hot glue gun & glue sticks

Estimated cost: $10 (This all depends on how much you pay for ornaments)

To create this beautiful wreath you need to bend the wire hanger into an "O" Shape.  Next hot glue the tops to all of your ornaments.  The next step is simple, slip in your ornaments! You may need a variety of sizes to fill in the gaps. 

The last step in this craft is just closing the wire hanger, adding a bow and hanging it on your door. 

I made this wreath for my sister and she loved it.  It's a simple craft, fairly cheap in supplies and takes absolutely no skill! 

I would recommend plastic ornaments because if your wreath falls....there goes all your work, money and effort.  Lastly, a great place to look for cheap ornaments are thrift stores, eBay, discounted stores like Big Lots, and your own holiday stash.  You can always get good deals at the beginning of the holiday season and after the season too!


*I am not paid to advertise any company or store.  As usual everything was purchased by my sexy wallet*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Vampire Ladies--Contest Winners

I am so delighted to announce my winners.  I only had 8 entries, but I truly treasured each entry.  I know everyone says judging is hard, and it's sooo cliche, but it was hard. I liked all the looks and inspirations.  I decided to mainly use my rules as criteria.  I looked for creativity, effort, photographs and inspiration. 

I want to thank each and every girl that entered.  I know it's hard to come on camera and have a conversation with an inanimate object.  I know it's even harder when you look like you're dressed up for Halloween. I appreciate your time, effort and creativity.  

Please join me in congratulating the winners below:




I can totally picture PeachQt as the innocent looking vampire, that would bite your head off in a second!  



  Dinahout is more of your traditional vampire.  Beautiful, seductive and a hint danger.  

Honorable Mention:

Congrats girls!! 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

MTW's New Year's Giveaway

7" Sweet Charms Bracelet in Pink
Made with
Swarovski Crystal Pink Hears
.925 Sterling Silver Chain
.925 Sterling Silver Charms

MTW Designs is having yet another giveaway! This time the random winner receives this beautiful bracelet.  I really love the anchors and pink hearts. So precious.  If you are interested in participating in this giveaway, the rules are below. 


1) Be her follower.
2) Repost her giveaway (includes this picture) on your blog or facebook.
3) Leave her the link where you repost my giveaway in the comment.
This giveaway ends on Jan. 31, 2010. Opens to worldwide.
Feel free to visit MTW Designs