Thursday, September 15, 2011

BOGO Del Monte Offer

Del Monte is currently offering a buy-one, get-one free coupon for those interested in trying out their fruit naturals cups that are made with 100% fruit juice.

If you are intersted in snagging this coupon, please see this link.  You will need to register with Vocalpoint in order to download your coupon (don't worry, the site is free!)  Hooray for coupons!

*I am not being compensated by Del Monte or any other organization.  This offer was presented through vocal point, and shared by me.  I am not compensated by Vocalpoint in anyway.*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Theme Nails

Autumn is just around the corner.  With Autumn comes yummy cinnamon, pumpkin and sugary scents and treats.  My favorite thing to bake around this time is pumpkin muffins and my yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cake.  I just loooove pumpkin and cinnamon around this time.  Did I mention, I like pumpkin and cinnamon?

Since I was craving sweets, I decided to paint my nails to take my mind off my cravings.  I went with a burn orange theme with gold a criss-cross pattern.

What your Autumn cravings?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It's been ages since I have blogged but I have had many distractions to keep me busy.  One of them being: a new home.  I moved in to a new home, so I have been packing, unpacking, painting and decorating.  It's been a bit exhausting!

Many weekends ago I attended Otakon, and if you are not familiar with Otakon it is a anime - Japanese culture convention.  I know it sounds terribly dorky, but even if you don't like anime (like me) it's awesome!  It's amazing to see the streets of Baltimore turn into an anime explosion.  Just imagine you are walking down the street and in front of you are Gothic Lolitas, to the right of you are a pack of sailor scouts, and to the left of you are full on, furry costume Pokemon.  It's unreal!  I would recommend going if you want to have a good laugh and if you want to be impressed at people's craftmanship skills.  Some costumes are unbelievable.  They are so eloborate, so heavy, so crazy, you wouldn't believe someone actually made it from scratch!  It's inspiring.

Some pictures that I snapped
 TIRA! I secretly want to cosplay as Tira for Soul Calibur 4

Ms. Frizzle!   Does anyone see Rufio hiding out in the background? RUFIOOOOO!!

In case you are wondering, I cosplayed as Maya Fey from the DS game series of Ace Attorney. 

I made the costume last year, but this year I bought a wig.  Since this was my first time wearing a wig, I didn't really enjoy it too much.  I attacked my head with bobby pins and hair spray.  If there was an open flame nearby, I guarantee my head would've been in a blaze in seconds. 
Before you go on and say, why aren't your goodies on the display...take note that these Maya's are actually channeling Mia, thus they have bigger busts. 
Mia and Maya action
Edgeworth holding a dollar above Gumshoe's head.  Hilarious.

I think I may do an additional post in the future for Maya cosplay pointers.  She's not a hard character to cosplay but details are important, people!  You can't just show up to a con magatama-less.  Plus, I want to hand off tips that I picked up while making my costume, accessories and doing my makeup.

I hope you enjoyed the dorkiness!