Friday, October 7, 2011

Your momma's panties - back in style?

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a resurrection of the not-so-sexy granny panties? 

I first noticed the epidemic this summer with swim suits.  At first I thought the trend was cute, vintage, and a good throw back to earlier swim suits.  However, now - they have crossed the line!  We do not need to take 5 steps back and suffocate our tummies.  Trust me, this is not the epitome of sexy.  There is a reason why we call this style, granny panties! 

So, maybe the marketing approach is not sexy, maybe the focus is now on comfort.  Well, I can honestly say that wearing underoos up to your belly button, is not comfortable.  It's like trying to fit too much batter on to a cupcake tin.  Too much always spills out.  It creates unnecessary bumps and lumps. 

I beg all the clothing retailers and designers, please do not bring these back! 

What are your thoughts on the Steve Urkel panties?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cupcake Items: Plasticland

I recenly found the cutest site (it's toxic to my wallet - but it's free to look!).  I'm usually behind on the times, so you may have heard of Plasticland.  They offer a bit of everything; clothes, decor, crafts, etc. 
I loved browsing through their decor section because they had such an interesting variety of fun and whimsical items. 

I have been wanting a cupcake apron for a long time, but every apron I find is really over priced!  The Cute as a Cupcake apron is undeniably adorable, but still too high priced for my cheap taste.  Looking at cute but out of budget aprons inspires me to create my own aprons. 

Believe it or not, I really need magnets!  I have maybe 4 magnets to hold all my papers.  It gets a bit challenging with wimpy magnets.  I adored the above magnets but I really want to make my own!!

These were really cute too, but I liked the clay ones better! 

I am so tempted to purchase this cupcake garland for my kitchen.  How can you resist it's adorably sparkly cupcake-ness?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cupcake Kitchen Dream Achieved

A few months ago, I shared with you how I wanted to have a cupcake themed kitchen, well the goal was achieved!  I painted my kitchen a dusty pinkish purple.  People have told it's girly, but it's my kitchen, why should I worry about that?
I won't lie.  It was hard to find cupcake items and a bit expensive to decorate and equip my kitchen all cutesy. However, I found a few thrify deals that I wanted to share with you all!

I became obsessed with home decorating stores. Never, did I find Bed, Bath and Beyond so exciting than when I needed to organize and decorate my kitchen. I became a BB&B coupon addict. Dare I share that I found myself looking through my local recycling center for coupons? Yep...I got a little crazy...but I got a butt load of coupons!! Rest assured, I'm better now. I am no longer the Sméagol hiding in your local recycling center.  I have matured into sexy Legolas.

  I started my decor hunt with Home Goods, and I found cute cake related wall art on clearance.  I got the above piece that I hung above my stove for $4.00!  I desperately wanted a cupcake timer, but they were more than $20+ so I settled for a cute strawberry timer for $6 from World Market.  Then I found the silly cupcake sponge at my local Five Below.  Lucky for me I found a whole bunch of cupcake goodies at a nearby Dollar General.  I was able to get cupcake shaped plates, which I am using as a spoon rest.  I also purchased cupcake dessert plates, place mats, recipe cards, pot holders and towels.
Just about everything was a dollar, so I pretty much bought out Dollar General of all their cupcake items.  They had so much and so many choices!  How could I settle with just one pattern?

Cupcake place mats, and a cupcake sharing plate that I got for $3.00!

I spend quite some time on these chairs while computin' so I wanted some cute, bright cushions to go with the cutesy theme.  This past weekend, I found 4 cushions on clearance for $5.98 each at Pier 1 imports.  They were originally $24 each.  I just about screamed in excitement when I found them. 

I found this cute cupcake container at Marshall's for less than $10
Cupcake wall art - found at Home Goods and Kirklands
Note the cupcake tray and DIY cupcake clock
I wanted a really cute cupcake clock, but they were sooooo I just made one myself

The lighting in these images is kitchen lights just don't like to play nice.  This is a shelf that I have in my kitchen.  I got the clock at Dollar General and the two cupcakes at Marshall's for less than $4.00. 

My most favorite item is this giant cupcake, cookie jar.  I splurged and purchased this sucker from Pier 1 imports for $25.  Compared to my other bargain finds, this purchase was expensive.

Lastly, I desperately wanted needed a cupcake rug.  Amazon was quite disappointing, but somehow I stumbled upon Lillian Vernon, and I was able to order a personalized rug.  It's awesome!  Did I mention it was only $20?  Sweet :)

I am not completely done with my Cupcake dream kitchen.  I eventually want new curtains.  Currently, I have white curtains with purple grapes, but one of these days I will be sewing my own curtains. 

 I hope this was helpful for those wanting to find cupcake items for their kitchen.  You would think decor is easy to find, but it was a total scavenger hunt for me.  Even when I did find cute things, they would be ridiciously expensive!  I am glad I held out and bought my items for a bargain price.  I will continue to share cute kitchen decor I find with you all <3