Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rimmel Kiss & Stay review

Are you a busy girl looking for something that you don't need to re-apply every hour? Well let's cut this info-mercial short and let me tell you about Kiss & Stay! woot! This product promises 10 hours of lipstick coverage. However, 8 hours is the best it can do. This product is similar to others on the market but provides a clear lipgloss top coat that is very sparkly. If you hate glitter--stay away!
The product lasts for several hours and is able to stand long hours of talking, licking, eating, drinking, rubbing and maybe kissing (who knows). I would recomend this product for girls on the go, college students, and for special occasions. If you know you only want to wear ONE lipcolor all day, this is ideal.
The product glides one smooth with the doe applicator. After it dries, the sparkly top color is applied with a brush applicator. Tadaah! Your lips are magically sealed for the next 8 hours. As the day progresses the clear gloss will start to fade, but the color will remain.

-long lasting
-endures alot
-price ($6)
- various color choices

-glittery (for those who hate glitter)
-VERY sticky
-hard to remove
-will ultimately lead to the lipliner look
Overall rate: 3.5/5

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