Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guinea Pig Bed

After seeing the pet bed tutorial on the Sewplicity, I decided to give making a bed for my piggy a shot!  Surprisingly, it was affordable and easy!  I was able to go to my local Jo-Ann and pick up fleece remnants for about $2 dollars each.  The other materials I already had at home.  However, I noticed that Jo-Ann had quite a few fleece blankets on clearance.  This would probably be a good buy if you are interested in making a lot of pet beds, or one huge pet bed. 

Since it was my first time making the bed, it came out a bit larger than I wanted.  I'm not complaining since the bed fits Roo's pigloo perfectly.

Roo is happy camper.  She's very cozy inside her pigloo.

Since guinea pigs aren't exactly the cleaniest animals, I will be making Roo another bed.  That way, I can alternate between the beds when I wash one.  I plan to make it smaller so that it does not take up as much space.

Roo is happy to have a warm place to hide in, and we are happy to make fleece tacos out of Roo :)

I think my next project for Roo might be a cuddle cup.  Sounds so cute!!


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