Monday, May 27, 2013

Lush Haul

The boy took me to our nearest Lush cosmetics store to pick up more Lush goodies.  He has fallen in love with the bath bombs!

Here's what we both picked up:

I picked up the Little Green Bag which includes a good variety of items for around $26 dollars.  The items were all neatly stashed in a little green bag that is made of 100% organic cotton and incorporates the Japenese wrapping method of Furoshiki. 

This is what is inside the Little Green Bag:
sugar scrub
sexy peel soap
each peach massage bar
squeaky green solid shampoo
and a reusable tin for storing the solid shampoo

I heard some good things about the Lush dry shampoo, so I picked up No Drought.  I purchased the smaller version just in case I didn't like it.  I haven't really given the product a shot yet, but I am already happy to know it is chemical free.  I am not so excited about how I will be applying this to my hair.  I have a feeling the entire product will come rushing down on to my head and face.  We shall see if I can conquer and manipulate this product. 

The boy wanted to pick up bath bombs so we went with Sex Bomb (it smells soooo good!).  The neat thing about this bath bomb is watching the transformation of the little flower bloom.  So neat!

The Comforter smelled too good to pass up, so the boy and I purchased this too.  The sales associate told us that although it cost about $11 we would get lots of uses out of it.  I hope you are right, sales associate!  I hope you're right.  We learned that in order to get the most of out of the bubble bars, one just needs to crumble a few chunks.  Not the entire thing.

Believe it or not, the boy desperately wanted to purchase Mr. BumbleI am not sure why...but he needed it bad.

Stored inside of Mr. Bumble we found the Honey bee bath bomb and a sample size of my favorite soap, Honey I washed the kids.  I really like the bumble bee cloth wrap, it's super cute. 
To make the most out of our expensive haul, I have cut each bath bomb in half.  I have also cut each soap, massage bar and the bubble bar for multiple uses.  Let's face it, Lush is expensive so why not spread that penny a little further?

I hope you enjoyed the lush haul, until next time...

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