Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Blog Design and Haul

Surprise!  There is a new blog design!! Although some of the pages are still a work in progress, I have decided to kick off the new design.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

In celebration of the new blog design, I did some shopping.  ELF recently hosted their 50% site wide sale.  How could I not order?!  Then Zoya had an awesome promotional sale on their exclusive "Liberty" pixiedust polish. 

Here is what I got from both ELF and Zoya:

From ELF:
2 shine erasers (I swear by these, especially in the summer)
2 eye makeup remover pads
1 studio makeup remover cleansing cloth
1 toe separator
2 mineral lip tints (guava and blush)
1 maximum coverage concealer in porcelain
total order with 50% discount : $8.50

From Zoya
Liberty pixiedust - FREE!
total order: $16.00

I also received a free Schick Quatro razor as part of a giveaway on Facebook. Woohoo for free!

I'm a fan of Zoya polishes because they are long wearing and are free of chemicals found in other polishes.  Plus, they have very unique colors and varieties. 

Kym - a burn red, cranberry burgundy.  This color is beautiful for the fall.
Liberty - is a textured polish that feels like smooth sugar on your fingernail.  It is a beautiful blue opaque glitter polish.
Edyta - is a unique black, green and gold shimmery opaque polish.  Out of the 3 that I ordered, Edyta is my favorite.

What are your recent beauty purchases?

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