Friday, August 15, 2014

Foster Friday: Mean Girls

I love the movie "Mean Girls" just as much as the next girl, but it's different when the mean girls are cats.  Your cats to be exact. 


Just about every day, my cat Cybelle and my fosters, Daisy and Ruby have a mean girl confrontation. 

Daisy AKA Regina, modeling that she is the size of a dog toy
It typically starts with Daisy acting defensive over the spot behind my bedroom door.  I don't know what it is about that spot...but it's Daisy's turf.  She gets unnecessarily territorial behind the door.  She isn't nasty, but she isn't an angel either.  Daisy and Cybelle usually exchange one or two swipes at each other.  I like to think that Daisy is acting out her Napoleon complex, since she is tiny.  The truth is, she just wants that spot all to herself. How selfish!  

Later in the day, the big chase will commence.  Cybelle or Ruby will initiate the great herd gallop, and they are off...  Galloping from room to room, like mad little furry creatures. 

For some variety, Cybelle may get annoyed with Daisy and swipe at her if she gets too close for comfort.  Then they all chase Da Bird, like happy little cats and go to sleep. 

It's amusing that all of the girls seem to get along with Phoenix, the only male in the house.

Rest assured, all of my kitties (fosters or not) are loved, pampered and spoiled...even if they have big personalities.

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~Sugarsheen~ said...

They are just too cute! You're awesome to take care of such sweet kitties!