Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Late Foster Friday: Chattering Ruby

Did you know that cats chatter?  I had never heard of this until recently.  None of my childhood cats, ever did this.  In case you are wondering what chatter is, well, it is essentially chatter/chirp sounds cats make when they are "hunting." My cats make this noise when seeing a bug outside, or like Ruby, whenever they see their favorite toy.

As soon as I take out "da bird" I am suddenly the center of attention for all of the cats.

Daisy will whine, Ruby will chatter, Cybelle looks at it eagerly, and Phoenix just...lays there.

Here is a recent video of Ruby chattering, and my other cats.

Isn't the chattering, the cutest thing?  She instantly makes this sound, it's so cute.  Don't worry, she didn't chatter for too long.  I let her play with "da bird" plenty.  She was able to chase and nibble on it, plenty. 

Ruby is up for adoption at Friends of Homeless Animals. 

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