Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cassandra--Soul Calibur 4

Guess what? It's my last Soul Calibur 4 Tutorial. Weeee! Well not exactly, it's been fun. I took my sweet time for sure but it got hard to draw inspiration from certain characters. I truly enjoyed creating makeup looks based off the characters. I always enjoyed playing soul calibur so coming up with makeup looks for my favorite characters, was quite fun. I hope you have enjoyed viewing them as well :D

I saved Cassandra for last because she's probably the character I never play. I'm not a fan of the short sword or swords in general...unless they are cool living whip swords like Ivy's. Poor Cassandra, I never show her love.

Trinkets used for this operation:
Mac Bare Canvas
Beauty From the Earth Aloha e/s
88 e/s palette
NYX Iris e/s
Body Shop Lavender Shimmer e/s
NYX liquid liner
Urban Decay 24/7 electric e/l
NYX Indian Pink lipstick
Mac On a Mission blush
ELF blush and contour duo
Fake Lashes from April

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April said...

You look gorgeous in your photos! Wherever you are it looks soo beautiful! :) I'm so happy you got to use the lashes hehehe! :)