Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goodies in the Mail

I am so behind on blog posts!  Believe it or not, I celebrated my birthday in April and have yet to share details!  I promise to be caught up soon...

A few weeks ago, I sent April, my YT friend, a package in the mail because we have the same birthday month.  April was so sweet that she sent me some goodies in return. 

I enjoyed all the goodies, but I was very pleased with the lip products!  Lip product junkies can never have too many lippies!  Dare I say that I have two full drawers of lip products?   I know it's too much, but why can't I quit you, lippies?

The empty pump bottle that I received from April will come in handy for the summer (see bottom, purple mesh bag).  I plan to fill it up with sunscreen and keep it in my car so I can ensure my arms don't get toasted while driving.  One arm tans are not sexy.  Trust me. 

Naturally, I loved everything.  Thank you, April...a package was not necessary, but greatly appreciated either way!

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