Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's Best: Kitty Baths

I think I speak for all cat owners when I say, bath time is a pain in the ass.  In my case, it literally is a pain in the ass, since I always pull a muscle when quarreling with my stinky, furry baby.  It's sad, but true.

Yesterday, I gave Spotty a bath.  I have documented most of the bath time in photographs as it is very tragic and yet amusing for both Spotty and myself.

Bath time usually starts with me capturing Spotty and locking him in the bathroom while I prepare the tub for his highness. While I am busy getting things ready, Spotty desperately looks at the door knob, praying that it magically opens.  Next, Spotty is placed into lukewarm water, usually this is the time when sad mews escape his lips.  We exchange sad looks and he finally accepts his watery destiny.  It's bath time!

Typically, my cat behaves himself in the tub.  This is not to say, that he does not try to escape at every given opportunity.  He accepts the bath but is always looking to pounce away.  After he is shampooed and rinsed, Spotty is gently removed from the tub and delicately dried off.

I always attempt to dry him with the cool setting on my hair dryer, but Spotty prefers to do this step himself.
Spotty is sentimental, so he usually ignores me or gives me the stink eye for the rest of the day.  Yesterday, however he took his vengeance by taking a wet nap on top of my bed.  Thanks, Spotty....

Since it is pure torture for my cat, I typically bathe him a few times a year....unless he rolls around on something gross outside, then it happens more frequent! 

I hope you enjoyed the kitty bath adventure, see the below video for a hilariously tragic kitty bath.  The silent kitty scream, cracks me up every time.


~Sugarsheen~ said...

I give my cats a bath too! My oldest cat actually enjoys her bath time (even though she won't admit to it!).

Meg Needles said...

oh he is so cute miserable. And I love his methods of revenge on you! ^_^

April said...

Awww sooo cute! I give my cats baths too but I have yet to attempt bathing the new kitty Bobby. He would FREAK out! Sunrise hates a bath, but Charlie the grey one loooves them. He enjoys the water, the lather and all. LOL! Soo cute! I bit your kitty is smelling sooo fresh! :)

April said...