Sunday, April 20, 2014

Awesome Con 2014

After weeks of endless advertising for Awesome Con in DC,  I checked it out with some friends.
We took the metro into the city and enjoyed the fun, sticky and packed metro ride.

I was quite surprised that tickets were reasonably priced for a one day pass ($30).  I didn't have much time or motivation to create a new costume, so I dressed up as Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney games.

We arrived early, around 10 a.m. and registration lines were impressive.  Once we actually made it inside the building, we were herded around but luckily the line moved faster than I anticipated.

Registration involved getting a one day wrist band, a bag, program guide and some other literature.

I just had to take a photo with the 'feeling harassed' TV screen.

After registering, we walked around the exhibitor area and saw a lot of cool costumes.  Below are some of the costumes that stood out to me:

I saw a few Joffreys, but I have to say this one was by far my favorite.  I also saw a few children dressed as Joffrey, which is cute but also disturbing. 

Lady Loki!  There were many girls dressed as Loki.  I don't know how you make your helmet/headband, but I love it.

Assassin's Creed
Everyone was loving Maleficent.

Jeff was impressed with these girls, I believe they are from God Eater.  We learned their weapons were made out of foam. 
How can you not love Beetlejuice?

I saw this group when we first arrived, and I became obsessed with them.  I don't understand what they are cosplaying as...aside from the obvious.  I was too shy to ask them what they were cosplaying as, so I just settled for a photograph.  Which explains the goofy grin on my face.
My friend dressed up as a character from Fall Out.  
Later, we found someone else dressed up from Fall Out.  

I partied with the Portuguese black rooster from Nando's Piri-Piri (yum) and a cow.  
I awkwardly posed with Sonic.

Ran across a R2-D2

The vendor area was packed with cool and cute stuff.  I resisted from buying everything but settled for a cute print and magnet of a cat from Kitty Cassandra. I love my print, I can't wait to add it to my cupcake themed kitchen.

There weren't many concurrent activities at the Con aside from guest sessions, sci-fi speed dating, a video game room, and a costume contest.  I attempted to go to some of these activities but the lines were extremely long and disorganized.  The video game room was also entirely too small.  Overall, it wasn't a bad con, but it had limited concurrent activities.  I also found it strange that the vendors, artists, guests and food court were all in one giant space.  In the end, I still had a ton of fun and enjoyed seeing the many, many Doctor Who cosplayers.  Who knew there were so many ways to make the tardis a cute costume?

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