Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greenies Pill Pockets for cats: Amazing or Evil?

Having an older cat can be a bit challenging, especially when it comes to medicine.  Every pet owner will agree with me when I say, medicine time is torture.  It's torture for both you, the pet owner and for your lovable pet.  The vet always makes it look super easy.

"It's easy! Just stick your finger deep into his mouth.  Don't mind the razor sharp talons, or the sharp, meat tearing teeth.  He'll get use to it!"

Say what?! What about me?! Will I get use to possibly losing my finger, or getting my face scratched off?
This could be the fate of your hand, if you attempt to hand feed medicine.

This past weekend, I discovered Greenies Pill Pockets ($6.99) at my local Petsmart.  At first I couldn't believe that the product existed, then I cursed myself for not knowing about it.  Next I became skeptical.  Is this product safe?  Will my cat be okay?  Will my cat discover the secret?

My questions have not been fully answered.  However, I have done some research and discovered that Greenies has had a rough patch in the past.  It seems the regular treats for dogs have been an issue for some dog owners, see here for an example.  Naturally, issues like these worry me.  However, my cat has had Greenies treats before without a problem.  I will continue to monitor his behavior and health during these first weeks to ensure the treat is not bothering him. 

On the positive side, medicine time has become a minimal task.  Spotty now takes his medicine willingly and almost looks forward to it!  He has no clue, that I cleverly disguised his pill in the pill pocket! Ha! I win!

If you're wondering what is a pill pocket...it's just a soft chewy treat with a semi hole in the middle that allows you to place your pet's medicine inside.  The instructions read that you should place the pill in the middle and use your fingers to close the open end.  Once you've done that you will have a mini capsule shaped treat.  You are pretty much coating the pill with a treat.  It's genius, why didn't think of this?!

 Again, I am stressing that I will continue to monitor my cat's health and behavior. As usual, please use caution when buying treats, or new pet food.  It's always best to research brands and recalls prior to any purchase and to monitor pets when new food is administered.   

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Spotty will continue to react well to the pill pockets.  It shouldn't be an issue since he's eaten greenies before...but you never know.  

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