Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday's Best: March 27, 2011

I found this adorable mug on ModCloth this week.  Unfortunately, the price isn't too cute.  Curse you Mod Cloth and your over priced Mugs!

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, I would check out your local Asian store.  They always have cute knick knacks for a reasonable price.  My boyfriend and I found the mug below at a local Asian Specialty store.  Too cute to pass up!

I have an obsession with  It is the guaranteed website that I refer to when I want to giggle uncontrollably.  The photos on this website are amazingly terrible, but what I love most are the captions.  I have laughed so hard that I have actually cried! I demand you stop what you are doing at this moment, and head on to Awkward Family Photos.  Enjoy the awkwardness.  

Who doesn't love a good typo mistake?  It may be juvenile and immature but I still laugh at poop, especially poopped rice!  Thank you, engrish typos, you make my day! 

The last thing on this Sunday's Best, is Red Riding Hood

Like most kids, I heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Even though the story I heard and read was mildly tame compared to some of the Grimm Fairy Tales, I always felt a teeny bit bad for the wolf.  He's just hungry, and Red is just conveniently there!  Plus, how dense is Red that she can't tell there's a furry creature cross-dressing as her grandmother?  Seriously, Red. Open your damn eyes!

Fascinated by the timeless story, I saw Red Riding Hood.  Judging by the trailer, you will notice that the target audience are teenage girls.  This is not a sappy movie, but you can definitely tell it is meant for a younger audience.  The movie itself gives the tale of Little Red Riding Hood a totally different spin.  Unfortuantely, I cannot provide you with a more detail summary, without giving some of the plot away!  
I did not find the film scary, but instead it was suspenseful and full of mystery.  I enjoyed paranoia and suspicion of the townsfolk, it almost reminded me of The Crucible. The wolf was not terrifying but also not cheesy.  I was content with it.  Overall, I would suggest the movie.

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