Monday, October 3, 2011

Cupcake Kitchen Dream Achieved

A few months ago, I shared with you how I wanted to have a cupcake themed kitchen, well the goal was achieved!  I painted my kitchen a dusty pinkish purple.  People have told it's girly, but it's my kitchen, why should I worry about that?
I won't lie.  It was hard to find cupcake items and a bit expensive to decorate and equip my kitchen all cutesy. However, I found a few thrify deals that I wanted to share with you all!

I became obsessed with home decorating stores. Never, did I find Bed, Bath and Beyond so exciting than when I needed to organize and decorate my kitchen. I became a BB&B coupon addict. Dare I share that I found myself looking through my local recycling center for coupons? Yep...I got a little crazy...but I got a butt load of coupons!! Rest assured, I'm better now. I am no longer the Sméagol hiding in your local recycling center.  I have matured into sexy Legolas.

  I started my decor hunt with Home Goods, and I found cute cake related wall art on clearance.  I got the above piece that I hung above my stove for $4.00!  I desperately wanted a cupcake timer, but they were more than $20+ so I settled for a cute strawberry timer for $6 from World Market.  Then I found the silly cupcake sponge at my local Five Below.  Lucky for me I found a whole bunch of cupcake goodies at a nearby Dollar General.  I was able to get cupcake shaped plates, which I am using as a spoon rest.  I also purchased cupcake dessert plates, place mats, recipe cards, pot holders and towels.
Just about everything was a dollar, so I pretty much bought out Dollar General of all their cupcake items.  They had so much and so many choices!  How could I settle with just one pattern?

Cupcake place mats, and a cupcake sharing plate that I got for $3.00!

I spend quite some time on these chairs while computin' so I wanted some cute, bright cushions to go with the cutesy theme.  This past weekend, I found 4 cushions on clearance for $5.98 each at Pier 1 imports.  They were originally $24 each.  I just about screamed in excitement when I found them. 

I found this cute cupcake container at Marshall's for less than $10
Cupcake wall art - found at Home Goods and Kirklands
Note the cupcake tray and DIY cupcake clock
I wanted a really cute cupcake clock, but they were sooooo I just made one myself

The lighting in these images is kitchen lights just don't like to play nice.  This is a shelf that I have in my kitchen.  I got the clock at Dollar General and the two cupcakes at Marshall's for less than $4.00. 

My most favorite item is this giant cupcake, cookie jar.  I splurged and purchased this sucker from Pier 1 imports for $25.  Compared to my other bargain finds, this purchase was expensive.

Lastly, I desperately wanted needed a cupcake rug.  Amazon was quite disappointing, but somehow I stumbled upon Lillian Vernon, and I was able to order a personalized rug.  It's awesome!  Did I mention it was only $20?  Sweet :)

I am not completely done with my Cupcake dream kitchen.  I eventually want new curtains.  Currently, I have white curtains with purple grapes, but one of these days I will be sewing my own curtains. 

 I hope this was helpful for those wanting to find cupcake items for their kitchen.  You would think decor is easy to find, but it was a total scavenger hunt for me.  Even when I did find cute things, they would be ridiciously expensive!  I am glad I held out and bought my items for a bargain price.  I will continue to share cute kitchen decor I find with you all <3


April said...

I love your cupcake kitchen!

~Sugarsheen~ said...

Your kitchen is sooo cute! I absolutely love it!

Rebekah said...

I love your new kitchen! Its so cute, but if I saw all those cupcakes everyday I would seriously start craving some all the time.