Friday, October 7, 2011

Your momma's panties - back in style?

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a resurrection of the not-so-sexy granny panties? 

I first noticed the epidemic this summer with swim suits.  At first I thought the trend was cute, vintage, and a good throw back to earlier swim suits.  However, now - they have crossed the line!  We do not need to take 5 steps back and suffocate our tummies.  Trust me, this is not the epitome of sexy.  There is a reason why we call this style, granny panties! 

So, maybe the marketing approach is not sexy, maybe the focus is now on comfort.  Well, I can honestly say that wearing underoos up to your belly button, is not comfortable.  It's like trying to fit too much batter on to a cupcake tin.  Too much always spills out.  It creates unnecessary bumps and lumps. 

I beg all the clothing retailers and designers, please do not bring these back! 

What are your thoughts on the Steve Urkel panties?

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