Monday, September 27, 2010


Words can't describe my excitement when I found out Blondie was coming to town.  Blondie aka Deborah Harry is an icon and a legend.  I just had to see them in person!  A few weeks back, I got my chance.  The show was amazing, but what else did I expect?  Blondie + live show = amazing.  Always.  Even though she's old enough to be a grandma, she was still stunning!  I was quite memorized if I do say so.   
The venue was small which I like, but often these little venues have annoying camera policies.  Such was the case for the Blondie show.  I was upset I couldn't bring my actual camera inside but I did manage to get beautiful blurry photos.  Yes, blurry photos.  All thanks to the venue.
 Oh well, at least I got to see and hear Blondie.  Twas Epic.

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~Sugarsheen~ said...

Awesome! You're so lucky!