Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ding Ding--we have a winner!

Wow, did she really take 9 years to find a winner for this silly little contest she had? 

I don't have an excuse.  I've been a very naughty blogger, but I promise to improve!  Now on to the good stuff.  Winners!  For those of you confused, I had a small contest a few months back.  The theme was '80s inspired.  I had a good time preparing for the contest, but sadly I didn't receive much enthusiasm in return.  I expected to get a few more entries since you know, I'm giving things away for free!  But, maybe free things aren't what peeps are into these days?  Weird.  I'm a free-fiend, so I'm always interested in anything that gives me things without a catch.  

I do want to thank everyone that entered.  I appreciate your time, effort and support.  Thank you lovelies, I wish I could send you all items, but that would make my wallet cry!  

Congrats to the ladies below, I appreciate your creativity, time and support! 

Video winners:


Randomly selected comment winner:

If you are interested in what these ladies won, check out this blog post here.

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