Monday, September 6, 2010

Adieu, L'ete

C'est terrible! Summer is leaving us!  Yet, I'm still thinking it's only June!  It's a real shame.  Although Summer was horribly hot and humid, it still was enjoyable.  How can you not enjoy summer?  It brings beautiful airy dresses, splashing, fireworks and the beach.  

As a good-bye celebration to Summer.  I had a water balloon fight with a good friend.  It's hilarious that most of the water balloons did not pop when they collided with our bodies.  Instead, they pegged us and bounced off.  It was a wee bit painful.  Who knew, I could make water balloons dangerous?

Good bye, Summer.  Tu me manques.  I miss you! 


helen said...

ohh the balloons are soo colorful!!! It's too cold now in Toronto to have one of these haha

~Sugarsheen~ said...

Looks like a ton of fun! :)