Thursday, September 30, 2010

Recent finds from Forever 21

Raise your hand if you are guilty of online "window" shopping!  I know I'm not the only girl online that has a bill over $100 dollars at one of her favorite online retailers.  Half the time, I never end up placing an actual order but it's almost addicting online "window" shopping.  It's sad, but I want to say, I enjoy it.

So here I was, stalking Forever 21 dot com, because the actual store never has what I can find online.  My cart was pretty full, but I decided to reward myself.  This time I had actually placed an order. Hooray! 

I spent 98% of the summer wearing dresses.  Winter makes it too painful to wear dresses, but if I find if I wear heavy tights (Walmart has a good selection of thick ones for cheap) they help me stay toasty.  This dress will look great with a belt and brown boots. 

These tights are amazing.  They will probably last 5 minutes on me before I find a run, but I'm excited nonetheless!

Puffy sleeves seem to be in this season.  <3 Puffy shoulders.

Cozy sweater, a must!  Gray is a neutral so will match everything in my wardrobe.

Did I mention the obsession with the puffy sleeves? I got an extra in baby blue. 

I have been on the search for cute, sparkly flats for an affordable price. I do a lot of walking at work, so I need some thing cute & comfy. These are perfect!

Does anyone else have a slightly unusual addiction to online "window" shopping, or am I the only freak?


higabiandthecity said...
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higabiandthecity said...

I love to online window shop :) your not alone! I also LOVE the forever 21 dress. Would work great with a pair of jeans or skinny legged pants. Thanks for sharing.

candy said...

I'm guilty of the same thing XD I usually just visit a website looking for one particular thing and going click crazy!