Sunday, October 10, 2010

OPI: Go Goth! nail polish set

I have been converted into a huge OPI mini collection fan.  I love that I can try out a handful of the  new or special edition colors for less than the cost of 2 polishes!  As soon as I saw the this Halloween set, I knew I had to try out Sanguine as soon as possible!  

Lucky for me, this cute set came with a lacy wrist cuff, it's cute but rather random!  The color selection is dark (would expect anything else, from a collection with the word goth?)  In this little collection there is a matte black, dark burgundy, sparkly purple and a black with blue glitter.  
I really enjoy this set of from OPI because it has a good variety, but also some unique colors.  I don't own a billion OPI colors, but judging from the other mini collections this one offers more range.  I've noticed OPI always includes a red-red nail polish and it always looks so generic and boring.  This set includes a red but it's dark and unique.  I don't own anything like it (I think Sally Hansen just release a polish like this!).  I also love that it doesn't include a top coat polish.  Gosh, I hate that in mini collections.  This collection offers 4 colors for about $12 dollars.  Not bad. 

I slapped this polish on fast, please ignore mistakes!

Sanguine is a dark, burnt burgundy with shimmery red speckles.  It seems dark from a distance but bright bloody red when near.  I <3 this polish! I wish they had the full size!

Nevermore is more generic.  If you own OPI Ink, this is similar.  I wouldn't jump out of my seat to buy this polish, but it's still a good color if you don't own anything like it.

Unripened was by far the worst color to capture on camera.  It's black with blue sparkly bits.  I enjoy it because it looks black from a distance, but surprise - it's not!  It's a good color for fall. 

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try Obscurity out, but I'm not into mattes!  You can see a sample of this polish on my first image.  

Overall, I'm quite content with this Halloween release.  I like the range in colors and the fact that they included 4 polishes in this mini set.  Typically, they include 3 polishes and 1 top coat, which in my opinion sucks!  Also, I'm not sure why they thought a wrist cuff was a good idea for the collection.   I'm not a marketing genius, but I don't think OPI's consumers were begging for the wrist cuff!  How about you charge us less for the mini collection next time?  That would make us all happy :)


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a Ulta near me! So annoying! Very pretty colors!

~Sugarsheen~ said...

Gorgeous colors! I love nevermore!

MissAntonia90 said...

OMG, i am in LOOOOOVE with my mini set you sent me. I think its such a great way to know if you like the colors or not. I deff needa check more of these sets out! :)

Thanks for sharing :D