Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent buys from ELF

Say what you must about Eyes Lips Face (ELF) but I enjoy their products.  I've had a few misses but overall I'm content.  I recently purchased some items primarily because I need some oil blotting sheets and they are $1 from ELF.  

My first purchase was the new Angled contour brush from the studio line ($3).  Holding it in person, it looks like a different brush.  I expected the brush to be more curved rather than a blunt angled edge.  

The stipple brush ($3) is also a new addition to ELF.  It looks like a good brush for targeting small areas of your face, this is ideal for highlighting.  

The last brush I purchased was the Angled blush brush ($5) which is also new!  This brush comes in slightly different packaging, it still features the clear plastic pouch, but there are floral designs on the front.  This brush is more "Eco-friendly" features a recycled ferrule and a bamboo handle.  The bristles are taklon but they feel softer than the studio line brushes. 

My favorite ELF product is the minty lip gloss ($3) it's affordable and has a refreshing taste and smell.  I've ordered 5 different shades of this product and have yet to be disappointed!  It's only a shame that there isn't more product in the tube.  In case you are curious I ordered the New York and Miami shades.

A girl always needs eyeliner, so I ordered the Shimmer Pencil ($1) in black.  I like that these pencils come with a built in sharpener but I wish these babies were longer!  

My first studio line blush in Fuschia Fusion ($3).  In case you can't tell by the image, this sucker is Shimmery!  Avoid if you hate shimmer/glitter!

Another new edition is the Makeup mist & set ($3) which guarantees to keep my makeup in place.  I am excited about trying this product and will be doing a review in the future.  

Lastly, I got 800 of these suckers.  I use them often because my forehead is like a pizza slice.  Graphic, I know!  I got a handful of these because my Target doesn't carry ELF products, so I stocked up! I swear I'm not that greasy! : P

Did I mention that shipping for my items was $.25?  I love cheap shipping.

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Catherine said...

how in the world did you get $0.25 shipping?!!?!?! You must have had a promo code lol I can't wait to read your review on the brushes...I LOVE ELF brushes but I hate ordering them online!