Saturday, December 4, 2010

My first "Hard Candy"

Ever since Hard Candy, the cosmetic brand, became available at Walmart I have wanted to try it for myself.  Unfortunately my local store does not carry it so I had to go to a completely different state to get my hands on this brand.  I know what you're thinking, wow...she drove to a different state just for makeup? No, I just happened to see it while I was out of town.  I'm not that bad!  

I purchased 2 items from the Hard Candy line.  The First Crush  mini set ($8) which includes all of the above minus the black eyeliner.  The set came with a baked blush, a foundation primer, a highlighter and a plumping gloss. 

 I also purchased Walk the Line black eyeliner ($8).  Which has a thin brush applicator.

I found the mini set to be a decent price, however everything else at the store was outrageously expensive for a drugstore brand!  The packaging is plastic but the brand does incorporate some cute designs on the actual product.  As I had heard before, the packaging for Hard Candy is really cheap, and I felt this was the case on the blush.  It is made out of the cheapest quality of plastic.  Do you remember the first set of "pretend" makeup you received as  a young girl?  Remember that cheap feeling plastic that cracked the first time you dropped it?  That is what the Hard Candy blush feels like!  I know my blush is the mini version, but I did hold the full size and it was the same quality plastic!

I plan to do a review on these products, but this post is to share my recent shopping treasures!

If you've tried the brand let me know what you think!

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Ashleybop said...

hey! I have some of the older hard candy items from Sephora and they are amazing. The quality of the products are good, but the packaging is slacking.