Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese New Year Lanterns

Happy New Year to all!  New Year's celebrations are always so festive and delightful.  I especially like the decorations for Chinese New Year's; the red, the gold, the dragons, and the intricate designs.  Celebrating the zodiac per year is also so interesting.  2011 is the year of the rabbit!  As a fellow rabbit, I'm ecstatic about celebrating my Chinese zodiac sign!

Here is a super simply craft to celebrate Chinese New Year's on Feb. 3, 2011. 

 Chinese paper lanterns

Materials Needed:
Cardstock white paper
exacto knife

To create this craft, please follow the link for the template provided by HP Creative Studio.  From there print the template, cut around the white areas and fold each lantern in half.  Unfold so your template is once again flat.  Next, using an exacto knife trace the straight lines on the template but being careful not to cut all the way through the design.  Once you have cut all the lines you will want to piece both ends of the template together and tape at the edges until your design looks like the one below. All that is left to do is to place a candle in the middle and you have yourself a lantern.



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Elle said...

Wow the lanterns look so pretty! I love Chinese New Year because of the red envelopes lol