Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dollar Store Finds: ELF

 Boy, was I excited when I found ELF's Studio line at my local Dollar Tree!  I'm obsessed with their minty lip glosses!  I have tried about 3-4 of their shades, but since they were only a dollar at my local store, I picked up some more! I have to admit that these glosses are becoming one of my favorite lippies of all time.  I love the glitter, the sheer color and that it's not too sticky.  Did I mention that they are minty and also taste sweet?  What's not to love?

I purchased the following 3 Minty Lip Glosses:
Los Angeles - a rosey mauve shade
New York City - a bright raspberry shade
Seatle - the clear gloss

I also purchased a Lip Stain, which I have been meaning to try.  I got the "Fashionista" shade, a bright dull mauvey pink.  The Lip Stain promises hours of long wear, but I shall see about that.

I'm so happy to have found Studio line products at my Dollar Tree that I may return for more!  Call me crazy, but I do go through those minty lip glosses like hot cakes!  They are refreshing and the boy certainly likes them ;D

Check out your local Dollar Tree for hidden cosmetic goodies.


Catherine said...

hey!! I saw your blog posted from dollar tree's facebook! I got ALL of the shades that ELF makes at my local dollar trees! They also had lashes, lip stains, nail polish's and mascara!!! I hope you keep finding awesome stuff!!

Tara said...

Cute blog! I also saw it from the Dollar Tree post on FB. I LOVE elf lip glosses! I'm going to head over to DT tomorrow to see if mine has them. :)