Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dollar Store Finds: Nivea Kiss of Shine

Did I ever share that I absolutely adore the dollar store?  Now, when I say the dollar store...I mean the $1 store.  I am not a fan of misleading dollar stores where everything inside is anything but $1 dollar.  So while browing my local Dollar Tree, I came across Nivea's a kiss of shine lip gloss.  Since, I am a big fan of their lip balm and lotion I decided to give the lip gloss a shot.  It's only a dollar!

The packaging for a kiss of shine lip gloss claims the following:
  • glossy finish without sticky residue
  • long lasting moisturization
  • leaves lips smooth
Here's what noticed while using the product (note that I've only had the gloss for a few days!)

The Nivea gloss is a clear lipgloss that applies overall pretty light to the lips. 
I can safely say that it certaintly is glossy! The gloss is not as sticky as other brands, which always wins bonus points for me.  I am not a fan of super sticky glosses.  It always feels like I dipped my lips in honey.  Ugh!

I did notice that the Nivea gloss does have a fragrance.  I can't pinpoint the scent, but it reminds me of a light floral smell.  I think this is probably the only thing I don't like about the Nivea lipgloss.  I prefer to keep flowers away from my mouth, thank you!

I also noticed that the gloss is indeed long lasting.  Meaning, it is pretty resiliant to snacking, speaking and your daily wear and tear.

Lastly, I enjoyed the size of the Nivea's a kiss of shine lipgloss.  It fits perfectly in my hand! It's on the small size, so it is perfect for travel.

Overall, I did enjoy using this lipgloss.  I purchased it for $1 so this was a win-win.  If I were to purchase this again, I would totally consider buying a different scent (too bad Dollar Tree didn't have any other scents!)

**I purchased this item with my own money. I am not endorsed by any company!**

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