Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Target's Free Beauty Bag

A few weeks ago fellow blogger Whitney recommended I sign up to receive Target's FREE beauty bag.  The giveaway was done through Target Style's facebook page.  A free beauty bag sounded too good to be true...but today in the mail I received....

The beauty bag consisted of a purse or travel size makeup bag.  Inside were all the goodies pictured above:
Simple cleansing facial wipes
L'Oreal magic lumi light infusing primer sample
Neutrogena fresh foaming cleaner
Pantene flat to volume conditioner
Nivea extended moisture daily lotion

I can't say I am disappointed with the selection or size for something that was completely free!  The items are travel size which I feel allow me enough time and enough  product, to figure out if I like them or not. 

The first item I will be trying is the Nivea extended moisture daily lotion.  I love Nivea's hand creme so I am curious to see what it can do for my face.  I am also excited about the makeup bag because it it is the perfect purse size.  I am known for packing 10 lip glosses in a big makeup bag...so I feel the size of this bag will help me control the need carry that many glosses with me!

*I am not affiliated with Target.  These items were free to be as a consumer.  I am not sponsored by Target...that would be the day!*

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~Sugarsheen~ said...

So glad you got one! The bag is pretty cute, and I'm already planning what to stuff it with for my purse! I have way too many lip products just floating around my bag, so this will probably house them!