Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend 2

A few weeks ago, I teased you all with a GW2 photo.  Well, I'm baaaaack with many more!  This past weekend was the second beta weekend.  Last beta, I didn't have a chance to post photos or even tell you about my adventures.  Since I currently play a mesmer in Guild Wars, I decided to create a human mesmer in GW2.  The new game offers various races which is something completely new! However, I decided to be vanilla and play a human.
For those of you not familiar with mesmers, they are described as magical duelists who rely on deception and confusion to keep their opponents in check. A mesmer will use illusions, clones and phantasm to confuse and attack their opponents.  I think what I enjoyed the most about playing a mesmer in GW2 is the fact that I can use a variety of weapons and still cause a decent amount of damage.  I seemed to favor the great sword a whole lot. 
You can also wield a gun as mesmer.  How B.A. is that?

Guild Wars 2 offers players the ability to take up professions.  I took up tailoring and leather crafting.  To be honest, crafting armor was not as intuitive as I would've thought.  However, once I figured it out, it was fairly easy but expensive!!  I crafted myself sexy armor and many items bags for myself and fellow guildees.  Below is the armor that I crafted for myself.  I called it my genie armor.

The first beta, I was experiencing some graphic issues so I could not see water nor fire.  The above image is actually taken in Lions Arch, which is a town that houses quite a lot of water.  You can see fish just swimming on...but no water.  So each time I jumped into a body of water, I looked like I was swimming in thin air.

My guild kept telling me that we were taking photos on a fire pit but...I wasn't lucky enough to see the fire. 

I didn't even believe them that there was fire until I saw their photos....
 I enjoyed playing with massive groups of folks. My guild is pretty big so it was pretty awesome to roll through towns and quests as a giant mass.

 You can also purchase gems either via real money or through in game gold to get special in game items.  Since it was a beta weekend, each user received a limited amount of gems to try out.  Most of my guild purchased pirate costumes and we had a pirate party.
We wouldn't be good pirates, if we didn't attach innocent people.
As a pirate, you receive special skills and apparently, a cannon is one of them!
Above is the pirate costume dyed pink, blue an purple.  Sexy, right?
I was attempting to take photos while my guild was going nuts in the background.  They got a box of fun and were enjoying it a bit too much. 

If you don't have a cool and fun guild like mine (you can always join mine!!) you can always roam the countryside and who knows...maybe find a friend?

I also randomly tagged along to nearby groups in order to complete heart quests. They helped me kill a lot of Wurms.

Overall, I have enjoyed my time in Guild Wars 2.  It is quite a departure from GW1 but I have really enjoyed it.  Being able to jump off cliffs and having the ability to wield heavy weapons (regardless of class) has been great!  I also feel a bit more useful as a mesmer in GW2.  I have also enjoyed the randomness that GW2 has had to offer.  Below are some of my adventures.

The Guild and I found a piggy quest that turned you into a pig. 
Apparently, the Charr have cow races?  When they did grow to love cows so much?
There are giant creatures and bosses.
We found a glitch...somehow we fell under Divinity's Reach.  It looked so bizarre.
In Lion's  Arch you can go diving! 
I also found remnants of old Lion's Arch which was apparently flooded under the current Lion's Arch.
While in Lion's Arch, I found a living, moving whale!!
There was so much to explore in Lion' Arch...I some how stumbled into a Sylvari bar.

I can't wait until a definite release date is announced and/or until the next beta weekend!

Until the next beta weekend...I will be sleeping under this Yakky thing.

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ernesto said...

Loved your post, this is exactly how I wanna feel while playing in a guild, it's not that easy though, finding a supportive guild, not too big, not too small.