Friday, June 1, 2012

Naughty Piggy

I have the brattiest and the naughtiest guinea pig ever!  Each day, I take Roo out of her cage and allow her to run free in my sun room.  Roo loves it.  However, she always seems to find the best (worst) spots to get into.  I've made it a habit to gate off areas that I don't want her in....yet she has made it her life goal to get past the gate.  Persistent much? 

Not only is she a naughty brat but she's also half goat.  By half goat, I mean that she chews on everything!  And I mean, everything!  So, here I was letting little Roo run free.  After her run fest, I picked her up very lovingly and set her on my shoulder (something she loved as baby).  She was literally on my shoulder for 3 seconds when I thought to myself that she might chew on my hair.  Too bad she was 3 seconds ahead of me and had already done so!!  She not only chewed on my hair but she actually cut my hair off!!
How you ask? Well, she's got razor goat like teeth that infiltrate hair! Not only, did she attack my hair but we practically had to fight her to spit the darn thing out.  Boy was I shocked to find half of my hair in my hand!  Luckily, most of my hair was up that day so she only cut a bottom section.  Either way, now I am always sure to watch my hair around her.  Crazy half goat critter.

I thought you all would enjoy my terrible story.

Until next time!

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