Sunday, April 18, 2010

I think I'm turning Japanese

Last weekend I hopped on the Metro and to my surprise and great amusement, I found Waldo!
It's the littlest things that often make me giggle.  Finding Waldo, has been a life long dream, now I can tuck that baby to bed, and move on to the next item on my list.  Thank you Waldo, for making my dream come true!

I had no intentions of finding Waldo, instead I went to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms and the Japanese Festival.  I've seen the beautiful blossoms before but never attended the Japanese festival.  I enjoyed going but, there were waaaay too many peeps around.  Lots of cool Asian things! By cool, I mean totally drop-dead cute! 
Haha, there were some Cosplayers out-and-about!  Above is sailor moon, and I'm assuming the human form of Luna?  I kept trying to take good pics, but people got in the way!  Couldn't they tell I taking a creepy photo of a girl pretending to be Sailor Moon?  Geez!
 Above is me and my home slice, President Teddy Roosevelt.  We're just chillin' and lookin' into the distance.

After eating some yummy food at the festival, we walked over to the cherry blossoms and to our dismay, they were all GREEEEEEN!  Lexy SMASH! The beautiful blossoms were no where to be seen! This was a disappointment, but at least I got to see Waldo and Sailor Moon all in one day trip.  Oh, sorry Teddy Roosevelt, you also were a delight to my trip! 

The Cherry Blossom Failure
One thing everyone forgets to mention about this's impossible to get a good photo with the trees. EVERYONE is literally in your face and getting some solo time with one tree is impossible. As you can see below, it's impossible.  The funny thing is, the blossoms are gone and it's still impossible.

Tidal Basin (typically this would be pretty and pink)

Get out of my frame! I'm takin' a picture! .

 The best it's going to get.  Thank you sir, for standing directly behind me.

Overall, the Cherry Blossom Festival was a huge failure but at least I'm lucky enough to have seen a sneak preview the week prior, when I went to a Caps game :D


April said...

Wow Lexy, you and Justin were in DC around the same time. Justin had a business trip to DC. He brought home Cherry Blossom soap from DC--smells delightful! I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous flowers! I wish I were there to see you and hang out with you! You look like you had a lot of fun!

Ashleybop said...

looks fun =)

basketgurl_10 said...

You look SO pretty here!