Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introduction: Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins of the Moon

I can't say I have ever played a game like Fragile Dreams.  It's not that the game is so spectacular that there is nothing like it.  It's how you feel after playing the game.  Judging by this image I provided, you would think it's all cute and nice.  However, the game's theme is about loneliness, solitude and grim topics. After playing this game, you will feel like writing poetry and want to cry yourself to sleep.  Nah, but it is quite sad and depressing!  I know this probably does not paint the game in a good light, however, it is fun! 

Seto, the main character believes to be only human left on earth.  If you have seen Will Smith's "I am Legend" it has that feel to it, minus the vampire-zombie humans.  As the game starts, you are given zero information.  All that is known, is that the world is in darkness and you are alone.  The rest is a total mystery.

The mystery kept me playing the game.  I was totally hooked on it!  Even if the game made me a bit sad, I still played.  I enjoyed this twist on the game, it was refreshing and new to me!

Game play? It's pretty simple.  There's a little bit of twirling with the wiimote to kill enemies, but for the most part...the game is really about the story.  Not too much fighting!

I totally recommend this game if you want to play a wii game that has a story, depth and if you don't mind getting a wee bit sad. 

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