Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fluffy the Bunny!

This is so not my most-flatering photographs, but there's a cute Fluffy in how could I not share it with you?  Meet Fluffy, my sister's bunny.  Fluffy is the newest addition the her family.  They discovered Fluffy in their garage one day.  The dogs were able to track it, and Mark, my brother-in-law captured it.  My sister had no intention of keeping the bunny as a pet but when they tried to release it, Fluffy didn't leave.  She liked her new home too much to leave! 

 Fluffy was a wild bunny, so Mark had to work hard in order to "tame" her.  She's still not 100% tame, and I don't think she will ever be. However, now she's more social and friendly.  As you can see, she seems to be loving the attention. ^.^

I swear I'm going to be a crazy old woman with a bunch of cats and other little animals. 

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April said...

LEXY fluffy the bunny is soooooo CUTE! I just got home a while ago, went to a modeling audition and dinner with Justin, but when I got home I got to open the package you sent me. THANK YOU SOO MUCH! I guess you sent each other gifts as surprises! Hehehe! Sneaky us! I sent your package on Saturday Dec.12th, but sent it as parcel because I had so many packages to send I didn't do priority. I am soo sorry it's taking longer. Thank you again soo much! OMG how I love your SOAPS!!! Hehehe! OMG those bath salts smell insanely good! I am in love with the scent! :) Thank you again for everything! You are the sweetest nicest friend ever! :)