Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday greeting from my friend April

I contacted April last week about exchanging holiday cards.  Little did we both know we were actually swapping holiday goodies!  We were both really sneaky and neglected to inform each other about the goodies.  hehe.  It's funny because we both did the same sneaky thing, and we both received our goodies on the same day! 

To my surprise April sent me a few items from her recent trip to Hawaii.  I'm so thankful and shocked that she remembered me!  I received Hawain teas, mints, paper soap and an adorable hula hello kitty nail file.  In addition, April was kind enough to send me a few added extras.  You can see them pictured above.  My most favorite thing that I received were handmade earrings from April.  They are soooo cute!  I appreciate and love anything handmade.  However, these earrings are totally my style. 

April is the sweetest girl on Youtube. I always look forward to watching her videos.  She makes various videos on beauty items, reviews, hauls and much more. I <3 April. 

Thank you for everything April, I truly appreciate the gifts and your friendship!

Please feel free to find April's blog and YT channel.


April said...

Aww Lexy we are soo cool being so sneaky and sending each other things. Hehehe! Aww you took such pretty pictures! :) I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

April said...

By the way I am soo happy you liked the earrings. I don't have much things to chose from because my orders for supplies have not been shipped out to me yet but I am soo happy you like them! :)

Lexy said...

just wondering where are you getting your supplies?

April said...

I go to Michaels and Ebay. I finally couldn't wait any longer for supplies to be shipped to me so I went to Michaels yesterday...hehe!

April said...

Also I get some from an esty seller who also sells on ebay. :)