Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emotional Vampires

A friend of mine is very spiritual. I don't consider myself very spiritual but I can relate and it makes a lot of sense to me.  Last week, she was talking to me about emotional vampires, haha.  This term still makes me giggle! 

An emotional vampire is:

No, they don't actually drain the blood from your neck (although you may have a stiff neck by the time you flee), but they do drain the joy from your life and remove any desire you have to spend any more time with them. No wonder you're dazed and confused. No wonder you don't feel good around them!
Emotional vampires do their best energetically to suck the life force right out of you (and everyone else)! Whether it's subconsciously or on purpose, these are the kinds of people who hunt for victims to energize them simply because they can't (or won't) tap into their own spiritual energy source for revitalization.

I totally agree that some people can be emotional vampires.  I'm certain just about everyone has encountered someone like this. It's not something that you pick up automatically, but it's something you start to notice. 


April said...

I call those emotional vampires "meanies" or "haters" heheh! This was an interesting post! I hope you do more! :)

Lexy said...

lol I call them downers :D