Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yuna/My Valentine's look

Who on earth is Yuna?! Good question, I wish I had played Final Fantasy, so I could better answer your question.  FF is a big deal and it has hundreds of loyal followers, so maybe one of you could explain what is happening in this image.  It seems like some weird bow-chicka-wow-ow scene.  What ever it is, I'm liking it :P 

This was a requested look, I don't just randomly pick characters I'm not familiar with.  For this look I drew inspiration from the costume's colors.  Everything about Yuna seemed natural, light, airy and flirty.  Due to the lovely mesh of colors, this is also a pretty eye look for Valentine's day.  Two birds, one stone! haha. 

Even if you don't like video games...or understand why I create makeup tutorials based off fictional can still enjoy this look! It's such a fun, light and pretty look.  It's bright without being too in your face.  If you are interested in how I achieved the look...please refer to my YouTube channel.


The flash washed out some of the color

I created this light and fun makeup look using:
  • NYX milk eyeshadow base
  • the 88 shimme palette(dusty pink, darker pink, hot purple, white and blue color shadows)
  • Revlon liquid eyeliner pen
  • Wet-n-wild eyeliner pencil
  • Rimmel glam eyes mascara
  • Maybeline original rose blush
  • NYX tea rose lipstick


Swtest2Lips said...

Lexy! This is sooo pretty! I love it so much! This can def be for spring 2! I think Ill have to copy this look when I hang out with my gfs this weekend.

~Sugarsheen~ said...

Lexy! This look is absolutely beautiful! I love all the colors you used! I will definately be wearing this!

Lexy said...

Thank You All! I was worried this was going to be boring!