Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nivea Creme Review

For those of you not familiar with this lotion, Nivea Creme is the pure white thick lotion that is packaged in a dark blue tin container.  This lotion is more a creme (hence the "creme" on the package) or a body butter.  It's a heavy duty, thick, moisturizing lotion that aims to make your skin silky soft.

I would not consider this my everyday lotion year round, but it is definitely ideal for the winter time.  It applies thick, so you only need a bit for most areas.  This creme is ideal for rough areas such as knees, elbows, feet, hands.  Personally, I enjoy using it around bed time so I awake with soft skin. 

You can purchase Nivea at any drugstore.  Prices ranges from $1-8 dollars.  I would recommend starting with the small tin size that costs around $1 to try out.  Honestly, I enjoy this Nivea Creme but find it much more useful in the winter time than any other season.  Luckily, Nivea has other product lines so that you are not stuck with this lotion all year round.  I've tried their Nivea Soft line and found it extremely soft and moisturizing but definitely less thick!

  • simple packaging
  • inexpensive
  • light scent
  • extremely moisturizing
  • tin package allows contamination
  • left over "lotion feeling"
  • does not automatically sink into skin

*As usual, I purchased this lotion with my own money!*


~Sugarsheen~ said...

Thanks for the review Lexy! I've been wanting to try that, and I was unsure how I would like it!

Ashleybop said...

i went and bought it and i loveee it perfect size to throw in the purse and love the consistency lol.. i might do a vid response and say how much i love it!