Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Any day can be photo day

I like to take a lot of photographs. I know that might sound vain, but it's not. I take photos of myself, friends, interesting things, animals and silly things. I do it for fun, and since I'm not a real model, why not model for myself? Life is all about enjoying yourself and having fun. This is what I do. So, excuse my many photos to come.

Why not model for your own photos? If you enjoy it, you should do it regardless of how "vain" people may perceive it as. It's all about having fun, and creating memories. So go out there and strike a pose.


da goose said...

did you use a tripod to take pics of yourself?

vintage lex said...

Yeah, I used my friend aka my tripod. I do own a tripod though :D

da goose said...

lol yea friends are definitely great as your personal photographer XD

No i haven't received yours yet.. you said you had it in a box right.. maybe that's why it's taking a bit longer.. no worries though

I've played attorney ace? i think that's what it's called.. got tired of it after a couple trials cuz i didn't know when they'd be lying ><

vintage lex said...

yes, your items are in a small box. Sorry, it's taking so long.

Another game I would recommend is the legendary Starfy, I'm playing that one right now. It's cute and fun.